Interview With Skindred - 25th January 2014
Photo Of Skindred © Copyright Skindred James caught up with Benji Webbe from Skindred in Wolverhampton to talk about their latest album, current tour and plans for the future.

First of all I have to ask how you’ve found your new album has gone down amongst journalists and the fans that have hear some of the tracks via gigs and your lead single “Ninja”?
We’ve had nothing but rave reviews so far, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, we’re really happy with how its gone, people are digging it there’s some good stuff on there.

How has the tour been thus far?
Sold out every night bro, if it isn’t sold out it’s to capacity and there’s like 50 tickets spare or something. You gotta know we’ve been going 12 years and we’ve played rooms the size of a fucking chair you know? We’ve played them for years and years, we’ve always had consistency. We play a show and even if there’s like 30 kids there even though it holds 300-500, whether it be in like Columbus Ohio or in mainland Britain. We’ve never thought there are not enough people out there, fuck that they’re getting a fucking show and the reason why is because we keep going and first and foremost WE love what we do. The reason this shows full today is because we give it our all and the consistency in our music and shows.

What are your plans for when this tour finishes?
Sex. Drugs and Rock’n’roll?

I thought thats what you were doing now?
Well yeah it is haha. No when we finish in Britain, we go to Europe for 3 weeks, come home throw my washing in the washing machine then take it back out again and fly to Australia. Then we’re playing a big show in my hometown, people think all of us are welsh, WRONG. I’m the only welsh guy in this band. When we’re finished we’re going to tour more because I think Kill The Power is going to be massive.

Are you down for any festivals this year?
I can’t tell you.
That’s no fun.
All I know is I will be in a field in June, The 13th of June, Theres a massive field somewhere we’re supposed to be playing but I don’t know where that is. Google maps we might use to find it but I’m not allowed to say where we’re playing I just know it’s in a field.

If you could pick a dream tour, what bands would be a part of it?
Alive or dead?

Nah you’ve gotta do alive or dead, is it a heavy tour or a lollapalooza type of deal?

Any Bands you’d want to put on it.
Ok I’d go for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Skindred, Slipknot, and to mix it up a bit lets throw Bjork in there.

You’ve done a fair few collaborations with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Forever never, who would you pick as the ultimate collaboration for you?
FLAVOR FLAAAAAAAAAAAAV. I tried to get Flavor Flav on this record because my manager, who is a white guy he’s about 60 years of age from London “Who talk lyke dis maaaaaahn”. I thought he was taking the piss but that’s just his thing, I’m in a meeting and he says “I lyke de sound of de band” and I thought who the fuck is this guy!? But no that’s actually his thing. Anyway He told me he knew he Flavor Flav but he’s a fucking liar because I told him I wanted him on the album and it never happened.

It appears we’ve run out of time, thank you for speaking with us do you have a last message for the fans reading?
Yes I do, keep supporting live acts, keep buying tickets and if you can afford them get them as early as possible, you motherfucking thieves, you know you stole my music now buy my fucking merchandise.

*Benji Walked away*

Interview by James Webb
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Benji Webbe
Mikey Demus
Dan Pugsley
Arya Goggin
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Skindred - Kill The Power
Release Date - 27th January 2014

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4. Worlds on Fire
5. Ninja
6. The Kids Are Right Now
8. Open Eyed (feat. Jenna G)
9. Dollars and Dimes
10. Saturday
11. Proceed with Caution
12. More Fire

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