Interview With Huntress - 17th January 2014
Photo Of Huntress © Copyright Huntress James caught up with Blake Meahl from Huntress to talk about how the band formed, how their latest album has gone down with the fans and plans for the future.

First of all how did you form as a band and come up with the name Huntress?
Well the name is Jill’s business, but I know the story. She’s got a lot of roots in the whole mysticism and pagan lifestyle. There was an ancient figure by the name of Artimis who was the huntress. She grew up with a bunch of white tailed deer on farms so it was quite fitting for her. It’s pretty cool who gets away with 1 word names anymore? Haha

You released your current album ‘Starbound Beast’ back in July 2013 how did the album go down with your fans and the press?
It’s been awesome. Especially coming on this tour, another interview guy came in and was like “What do you think of all the rave reviews of your record?” its cool because we hear about whats said in the states but over here in the UK and Europe, we can’t because of language barrier or it never reaches us so right now we’re getting a great insight.

How did you find the whole writing and recording process for the album compared to your debut ‘Spell Eater’?
About as different as it gets, the first record was done with a lot more time and rewriting, and even the recording process was done in a rigid Pro-Tools environment. It sounds a lot more rigid and cold. It doesn’t have a natural vibe and flow where as with the second record we programmed time changes to give it a lot more rhythm and flow right. It was fast it was done in 3-5 months so it was completely different.

The video for your single ‘Zenith’ is a visual masterpiece who came up with the ideas for the video?
Well most of the credit goes to Phil Moochey the director who is just a wizard, we loved his other videos and we hit him up before we even recorded the song which was new for him, and we were doing everything so fast that we had to do that. We explained our style to him and he was on the same page with his tastes so he was game for it.

What do you have planned once your current tour comes to an end?
Hit the ground on the next record, we’ll be taking advantage of spending time with the drummer because we have to fly him in and things so we will take as much advantage of that as we can!

Where do you hope to see Huntress in a year’s time?
Opening for Jimmy Hendrix
That may be difficult.

He’s hard to find these days.

In a year is when I probably see this new record out and start a new tour cycle, but this time opening for Jimmy Hendrix instead of Lamb of God you know one step of a time haha.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
I’m already one. I’m a giraffe. I’m very long and my back and neck always hurt which is how I imagine they always feel.

Jill: I call him my baby giraffe haha

She does. That was too easy make that question harder lol.

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Check out the video! Your interviewers have seen it. It’s your turn!

Interview by James Webb
 Band Members

Jill Janus
Blake Meahl
Anthony Crocamo
Ian Alden
Carl Wierzbicky
 Latest Releases

Huntress - Starbound Beast
Release Date - 2nd July 2013

1. Enter the Exosphere
2. Blood Sisters
3. I Want to Fuck You to Death (Written by Lemmy)
4. Destroy Your Life
5. Starbound Beast
6. Zenith
7. Oracle
8. Receiver
9. Spectra Spectral
10. Alpha Taur
11. Running Wild" (Judas Priest cover)

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