Interview With Apherium - 23rd November 2013
Photo Of Apherium © Copyright Apherium Mark caught up with Apherium back stage in Yeovil to talk about how the band came together, their musical influences, plans for the future and much more.

You formed back in 2012, can you tell us a bit about how the band came together and came up with the name Apherium?
Larry: Yeah, we were all on the same college course at Yeovil College and originally formed a band to improve our music form, that's how Me, Callum and A.J met while Ross, who we were friends with was in another band and joined when we lost our guitarist.

Callum: As for the Name, we wanted something atmospheric and represented the sound. We let it evolve through different words, starting with a theory and ending with Apherium. I mean why not, it doesn't mean anything, if you Google it you'll get some kind of World of War craft, thing.

Who would you say your main musical influences are?
Ross: We all have different tastes in music which we just collaborate together, personally my favourite bands that I learned to play guitar to and draw influences from are Young Guns and Killswitch Engage.

Larry: It does all vary, I know for Callum its bands like InMe and Enter Shikari as well as 80's bands. For me, U2 have had a major influence in my life since I was about 5 years old, they affect as well my stage persona. Like, before every gig, I watch a U2 DVD.

Callum: We don't tend have musical influences when it comes to writing, that's all from the heart and personal experiences and tend to just let it flow with input from all of us.

Out of all the Venues you've played so far, which one if you're favourite and Why?
Callum: I think O2 Islington for me because when we played Bristol we unfortunately didn't have our good friend A.J here, so Islington is the biggest venue we've played collectively as a whole band and an experience we won’t really forget.

All agreed that the Venue's are only as good as its audiences.

Larry: For instance, tonight we played a small music hall but the crowd loved it and so did we. We'd rather play a small venue where everybody had a good time, than a large venue where people just hang around the Bar.

Tonight you are headlining Loud And Alive in Yeovil which happens to be in aid of cancer research how did this show come about and how do you feel to be playing a show for such an important cause?
Larry: It came about, really as two things as one. We wanted to do a Charity gig around Christmas time but struggled to find a venue, when The Liberal Club approached us with this event, tonight, for Cancer Research, so we combined ideas of what we both wanted to do and it's been a good night!

You released your debut album ‘The Cycle’ back in May 2012 how did this go down with your fans?
A.J: Oh, it's difficult to say really, that albums quite old now for us, we had a good reception for it but we've come a long way since its release. Some of the songs were actually written a year or two before the album’s release.

Larry: At the time it went down really well, I think the best gig I’ve ever played was the Album release day, the connection we had with the crowd and general atmosphere there.

You released your single ‘Shadows’ back in April with word of a new EP on the horizon, when can we expect the EP to be released?
Callum: Difficult to say really. We're not rushing with it, we want to release it when it feels right, I know it sounds weird but we want to release something that we feel is our best work.

A.J: We were originally hoping to have it out by now, but there’s more we want to do to make it the best it can be. We're hoping for early spring.

Callum: When it happens, you'll know!

The artwork for all your releases is pretty impressive; who came’s up with the designs and final ideas?
A.J: That'll be Larry. We all sort of chip in with ideas and designs but ultimately Larry's the one who puts it all together and brings it to life.

Larry: We wanted something definitive, something that people would recognise, so we've got this 'A', instead of the word Apherium, something we can put on the Drums, on Amps and even T-Shirts so all you'll need is that 'A' and people will know.

How do you find the local alternative music scene in Yeovil?
Larry: I believe the fuel is there, someone just needs to light the spark.

Callum: There’s lots of bands just not many Venues to support them now that The Orange Box etc has closed down there's no definitive music Venue.

Larry: The 94 Club are very supportive of us and other bands to come and play.

Ross: A lot of people now just want to see a more well known band rather than a local band.

Larry: Allot of people as well don't think about going to see a band as much as they think about just going out and getting drunk, but if a band is playing then hopefully they go away with a new band to look up.

You currently don't have any Music Videos, is this something that will change in the future?
Larry: So far though we just have loads of 12 second clips of us messing about but it’s definitely something we're interested in and want to do.

In you could play a show with any band in the world who would it be and why?
Ross: There are so many! I'll name two though if I can, Young Guns and Killswitch Engage.

Larry: I'd love to play a show with U2.

A.J: I don't know, for me I think maybe Biffy Clyro.

Callum: For me I think InMe, because they're the band that made me want to play music.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Ross: This is the hardest question of them all!

Larry: I'd be a giraffe because they go at each other with their necks, and they're on pretty solid ground against lions etc, unlike Zebras.

Callum: That's definitely the weirdest question we've been asked.

After a fairly long debate, all band members would rather be a giraffe. :)

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Callum: Keep rocking Amegos!

Larry: Stay Classy!

A.J: Thanks Mum!

All: Thank you, and thank you for making Loud and Alive 1 a huge success!

Interview by Mark Lang
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