Interview With Kids In Glass Houses - 9th October 2013
Photo Of GKids In Glass Houses © Copyright Kids In Glass HousesNathan caught up with Kids In Glass Houses before their headline show at Nottingham Rescue Rooms to talk about their new album 'Peace', being back on the road touring and much more.

How has the new album been perceived and received by fans?
so far so good, we have been out on tour for two weeks and judging from the reactions at the shows it has been really positive! over the course of the tour we play five or six new songs from our album and the crowd already know the words and sing them back to us so yer.... its been taken very well.

The album has been out for just over a week now so whats next for the band?
we are promoting, promoting, promoting! the tour started before the albums release so we haven't really had time to promote so we are going to throw ourselves out there.

when you first started out you had support from some big names from my chemical romance to the googoo dolls and big promotors like kerrang, how did that fell looking back now?
you never really notice it at the time but looking back now it was and still is amazing! its great to have such great support and I cant even count the amount of bands that have took us on tour with them, we even managed to steel a few fans of theirs also and we are greatful for that.

out of all the bands you have been on tour with which one has been the one that have done something crazy or has pushed you in at the deep end?
the biggest one has been Bon Jovi in the rain! but the Stereophonics is the one, we did huge arena tours with them and that was massive, playing to all those fans was amazing!

What is your favorite song on your new album and why?
ohhhhhh... that would probably have to be VIP just because it is such a fun song to play, its kind different and rocky to the others and since we came up with the idea its just been a favorite of mine.

Who is your musical inspiration?
The killers are a big influence for me, especially the guitar licks they come up with, When they happen they really happen and are prominent!

Looking at comments online for your video Drive i have seen comments such as “Kids in Glass Houses are back” and “ I was skeptical at first but I have fell in love with the band all over again”, is this something you find quite common with fans when you change your music style?
Yer when you progress and change you both loose and gain fans, with the last album it took fans a few times listening to the album to get into it but change is never a bad thing right! you cant keep repeating yourself musically, thats something we never want to do anyways.

What is the process when writing and developing an album?
It’s always diffent to be fair, it used to be we would all get together and make noise untill something jumped out at us but ummmm as we have become more exsperianced with the whole process we just write ideas at home, send them to Alid and let him sing over them and see what works, if they work they work if not then they go in the bin. that tends to work for us at the moment and then we just practice with it.

Dan Weller has produced the album this time, whats it like working with him?
Well usually when making a album it is done in all sorts of locations over six months but this time it has been one of the best and easiest processes ever. We got everything prepared songs and all, got into a studio for four weeks and knocked everything out. People was telling us he would be a hard ass but it was one of the most stress free processes ever.

What themes and stories are covered in this album?
You will have to ask Alid that as he is the chief lyricist, I know this time there is no concept running through the record and they are personal things from Alid.

What would you say ha been your biggest high and low moment with the band so far?
A big highlight is always reading festival , its kinda like home and the reactions are always great and the low points are.. every time the album cycle ends you are left thinking “ will people still like you, will they stick around”. The thing that relives that is when you go back on tour and have people sing the words back to you, then you know the fans are still interested.

If you could be a Zebra or a Giraffe which one would it be and why?
Ooooooooh... right! errrrm I would probably be a Zebra, they are really placid and Giraffe and so tall but really rubbish at running from predators.

Lastly, Is there a message you would like to give to the fans?
Thanks for picking up the album if you have , if you haven't you should . also thanks for coming to our shows and showing us your support!

Interview by Nathan Williams
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