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Ice Nine Kills
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
21st September 2019

My apologies to the support act of the evening but getting to Nottingham was a pain in the arse so I only managed to get there in time for their last song, which was good but I have no idea who they were and it's not fair to comment on just that, however I did get to see the main event of this evening.

Ice Nine Kills have graced our shores again this time however in a headline act capacity and they've sold out near enough every show! Their backdrop is big and vibrant; all the band members are wearing horror inspired costumes; 2 in one of Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, Georgie from IT with a red balloon attached to the mic stand, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, werewolf. Also the masks and props would change depending on the song.

The whole room was absolutely rammed packed full of people who absolutely lost their minds the minute the band hit the stage after half an hour full of horror film style sounds coming from the stage and lots and lots of sing-a-longs to SpongeBob Square Pants, various rock and metal tracks and so so so much Rick Flair Woo-ing.

They compiled a set list filled with songs from their latest 2 albums and nothing from anything prior to this, which does make sense because they're the albums that have really launched their careers and gained them this cult following and also the themes are so addictive.

Highlights in particular are damn near every song which were performed perfectly but in particular "Tess-timony" which was gorgeously performed but also the crowd almost drowned the band out, "Thank God Its Friday" where they got a lady to play Jason Voorhees mother, "Nature of the Beast" which ripped the room apart with mosh pits and chaos, finally "IT is the End" is easily the best song of the night with Mickey Mouse making an appearance as well as the trademark horn, what a way to end the night.

Ice Nine Kills 5/5

Review By James Webb

 Ice Nine Kills

Spencer Charnas
Ricky Armellino
Patrick Galante
Joe Occhiuti
Dan Sugarman

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