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Thoughts Collide - All Or NothingThoughts Collide – All Or Nothing

I really enjoyed the last Thoughts Collide EP ‘Sky High And Climbing’, the band are a young talented four piece band from Brighton who already have a sponsorship deal signed with Jagermeister and seem to be forever out on the road mainly around the Brighton and London area building up a local fan base, well the guys somehow found time out of their busy schedule to record a selection of new tracks and the result happens to be this selection of demos.

‘All Or Nothing’ starts with real softly spoken vocals and seconds later Dan Freese’s drumming comes in at a frantic pace, whilst Jason and Fish knock off some powerful guitar riffs whilst repeatedly singing “This is the last night in history”, the song chops and changes its direction throughout, one minute things sound quite melodic with big sing-a-long group vocals and then the next the instruments take over in a big way with massive riffs and drum beats.

‘Seen Enough’ is a very noisy sounding track with some great instrumental work on offer, these guys sure know how the please when it comes to guitar riffs as during ‘Seen Enough’ they knock out some great heavy sounding riffs that are full of spacey atmosphere.

‘Take The Sound’ is the longest running track out of the new tracks, running for over 5minutes, it also happens to be the best song out of the 3 demo’s, it’s a proper progressive rock song, that is full of energy, features some cracking riffs and also a strong range of vocals which take you on such an uplifting journey, the last minute of the song features various different mellow soundscapes that slowly fades to nothing.

Thoughts Collide have defiantly progressed from when they released ‘Sky High And Climbing’ and they really deserve to be bigger than what they are as they are still tearing up the underground scene when they should really be on the road supporting well established bands making a bigger name for themselves, if you are a fan of bands like Deaf Havana and Thrice then you are sure to love the sound of Thoughts Collide, I really hope these guys release a full length album soon.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Thoughts Collide - Band
Jason Danzelman (Vocals, Guitar)
Fish (Bass, vocals)
Joe Welsh (Guitar)
Dan Freese (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. All Or nothing
2. Seen Enough
3. Take The Sound
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