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Revolution Mother - Rolling With Tha MuthaRevolution Mother - Rollin With Tha Mutha

Revolution Mother, is a band fronted by pro skater Mike Vallely, the rest of the band is filled out by Jason Hampton (guitar), Brendan Murphy (drums) and Colin Buis (bass). Rollin With Tha Mutha is there 2nd album.

Well from the off with the badly spelt album title, its pretty much already on the downhill slope, the vocals are more shouted than sang, raw punk if you will, the music is slow and grinding at times, something you could probably head bang to, but there really not pushing their limits as musicians or pushing musical boundaries by any means. There's nothing really here that will grab you and make you listen to it again, for Mike V, thankfully he has his pro skatingboarding career to fall back on, if he decides to jack in this music malarky, the guitars are mainly all rythm no decent solos to speak of. The druming is simple and sounds like it could have been anyone smacking the drums. This may only appeal to fans of Mike V, due to loyality rather than taste,theres no real stand out tracks to speak of, this is something you can really give a miss.

Rollin With Tha Mutha is out now.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Revolution Mother - Band
Mike Valley
Jason Hampton
Brendan Murphy
Colin Bius
 Track Listing
1. Rollin' With Tha Mutha
3. Killin' Machine
4. Born To Rock N Roll
5. The Snake
6. Night Ride
7. Ride The Sky
8. Hit List
9. Runaway Train
10. Time Machine
11. Crossroader
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