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Sugar Crisis - We Are Here To Save YouSugar Crisis – We Are Here To Save You

Now I have never come across Sugar Crisis before but what really amuses me is when I put the CD in my computer and loaded it up in ITunes, the wonders of ITunes that can bring you the artist, track name, album name etc in seconds claimed that I had just put a cd in by a metal band called The Fucko’s and the track was called ‘Anyone Can Be A Fucko’, now it might just be my childish sense of humour but I found it pretty funny as Sugar Crisis are the total opposite as they are a real fun catchy female fronted pop band.

Sugar Crisis are a two piece made up of Neil and Lorna and there new single ‘We Are Here To Save You’ is the perfect soundtrack for the hot summer that has been predicted for us this year, that’s if we decide to trust the weather men, anyway ‘We Are Here To Save You’ is a gem of a song, it’s an indie pop song that is crammed full of electronics which to be honest seems to be the new cool, the thing that really shines in the song is Lorna’s vocals especially during the chirpy chorus.

This is how electronic pop music should be, really upbeat with catchy lyrics you can easily pick up on and sing along to and classic disco beats for you to get your groove on to.


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