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Run Through The Desert - Break The SilenceRun Through The Desert - Break The Silence

Run Through The Desert is a Los Angeles based power rock trio consisting of Yogi Lonich, Corey McCormick and Jason Sutter that met on tour as part of Chris Cornells band. Break the Silence, is there debut effort with there brand of heavy psychedelic dream music.

Thrown to the wolves, is laden with power rock cords, with some great vocals that don't overpower, for an opener this is saying what were like as a band, its a solid introduction to a new group. Buried Alive, has a few catchy lyrics, and great opening guitar riff, the verses goes along smoothly, before picking up slightly in the chorus which gets the foot tapping and head nodding, then the track mellows out in to psychedelia. Long Way From Home is a stand out track, its quite a mellow track, that has a good drum beat, simple guitar work, and great vocals, would make a good single and it isn't long either, its one of them tracks that you might want to hear an extended version of it, its very catchy. Disintegration is another trip into that psychedelic sound, that works so well, its more simple music, that seems almost lazy but is very well put together, its also has a killer solo, that fits well into the structure of the track, at almost 6 minutes in length, it doesn't feel long.The members of this band are no beginners and it shows, they are musically tight and blend well together with some great technical prowess and stella individual moments. Break The Silence, is another good track, that has a stop/start riff, and another good solo, and steady drumming, that gets the head going again. This is quite an easy album to listen to, seeming like youve heard it before at times, but its a good album that maybe these guys should go it alone and step into the limelight.

Break the Silence is out now on the Sound Assembly Music inc Label,


Review by Rob Lawrence
 Band Members
Run Through The Dessert - Band
Yogi (Guitar, Vocals)
Jason Sutter (Drums)
Corey McCormick (Bass)
 Track Listing
1 Thrown To The Wolves
2 Buried Alive
3 Someone Else's Name
4 Long Way From Home
5 Grecian Moon
6 He Said, She Said
7 Disintegration
8 Break the Silence
9 Blown Away
10 Full Speed Ahead
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