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Turbowolf - Read And WriteTurbowolf – Read And Write

As soon as I saw the front cover for the Turbowolf single, I thought these guys are trying to rip the Gallows off, the artwork for the single is so similar to a Gallows t-shirt that I own that features a shark on the front with the Gallows writing going around the top half of the shark, and that is exactly what Turbowolf have featured on their single artwork but obviously it says Turbowolf! Instead of the Gallows.

The main single ‘Read And Write’ is pretty good, it doesn’t have the chaotic sound that I was expecting, but it does have some great guitar riffs, tasty keyboard sounds and a huge chorus that is executed in such a smooth catchy way, it’s hard not to be interested in ‘Read And Write’ as it is a well written and produced song.

The b-side on the other hand, well to be honest I still can’t believe my ears, the b-side is called ‘Seven Severed Heads’ the song is pretty short running for just over 1minute but it sounds exactly like how Anti-Flag do, the vocals are the same style and pace and even the guitar riffs are very Anti-Flag sounding, I even started to wonder if these guys didn’t copy an Anti-Flag song on to the promo by mistake but after checking out their my space that can’t be the case as the song sounds exactly the same there.

I am well up for checking out new bands and new songs and I have to say that I do like the music that Turbowolf have created but what really puts me off them is that they are so unoriginal from the artwork to the b-side we have heard and seen it before and I don’t see why these guys should get something out of what other bands have done better in the past.


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