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The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band - The Whole Fam DamnilyThe Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band – The Whole Fam Damnily

Now this is one of the most random bands I have ever come across, they are a three piece band are made up of a real reverend, his wife and his brother Jayme and they play country music with a bit of blues thrown into the mix. They have just released their debut album ‘The Whole Fam Damily’ through the ever so popular Sideonedummy Records, the album was recorded in a church in Bloomington, Indiana just down the road from where they all live.

‘The Whole Fam Damily’ is most probably the most random album you are going to hear all year long, as The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band easily sound like the buskers that hear on the London underground as you are walking through the stations to get to your tube and there is some guy strumming away and singing for dear life with not many people taking him serious.

The album starts off with ‘Can’t Pay The Bill’ and to be fair it starts off sounding quite good, there is a lot of rhythm and the instruments come in at a frantic speed, but then The Reverend’s vocals come in leaving you thinking if this band are serious , you then give them the benefit of the doubt as the band seem to rock out to a great sound during the song, but it’s when ‘Mama’s Fried Potatoes’ comes up seconds after the first track finishes you then take everything back and just realise how mad these lot are, the song is once again fast and furious and full of rhythm, however the lyrics are extremely random and the pace for the rest of the album is set from here.

‘Worn Out shoe’ is a dirty slow sounding country song, ‘DT’s Or The devil’ features Reverend playing at 100 miles per hour like he needs to knock this track out as quick as he can or it will never get finished type thing, ‘Your Cousin’s On Cops’ is actually quite a fun fast paced song, it reminds me of My Name Is Earl maybe because the band have that Earl look and feel about them and the programme Cops is forever being played on the TV show.

Everyone knows that the biggest retailer in America is Wal-Mart, and you can buy pretty much anything and everything from the shop, well I reckon you can now buy everything from their apart from this album especially when they have a track called ‘Wal-Mart Killed The Country Store’. Can’t see that going down well with the company, as for the song it’s a pure guitar driven song that doesn’t really go anywhere.

When you first listen to ‘The Whole Fam Damnily’ to start with you will be thinking what the hell is this, then after a few songs you will find it fun and random but by the end of the album you would of had your enjoyment and will most probably not want to listen to the album again as it has a novelty factor but a real short one at that, you will like the fast slide guitar techniques, pots and pans bashing and hillbilly vocals for a while but once the novelty has worn off this album will be no use to you.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band - Band
The Rev. Peyton (National Guitar, Flat Top Gibson)
Washboard Breezy Peyton (Washboard)
Jayme Peyton (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Can't Pay The Bill
2. Mama's Fried Potatoes
3. Worn Out Shoe
4. DT's Or The Devil
5. Your Cousin's On Cops
6. John Hughes
7. Creeks Are All Bad
8. Them Old Days Are Gone
9. Wal-Mart Killed The Country Store
10. I'd Love You Baby
11. Why Is Everybody Getting Paid But Me
12. What's Mine Is Yours
13. Persimmon Song
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