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Shinedown - Sound Of MadnessShinedown – Sound Of Madness

If you are still yet to hear of Shinedown then you really must of been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so as the band first took to the UK in October when they supported Disturbed on their headline UK arena tour, and they have since come back to the UK to complete their first headline tour which was a total sell-out with many venues being upgraded due to overwhelming demand, the London show was originally scheduled to take place at The Underworld in Camden but got upgraded to Islington Academy to meet with the demand of how many fans wanted to attend the show.

The band have already released two singles in the UK the first was ‘Devour’ which was released towards the end of 2008, well just after they toured with Disturbed really and it’s the perfect song to get anyone into Shinedown, the song is full of big drum rolls and fast powerful guitar riffs that are executed with such passion, vocally Brent Smith takes us on a melodic journey with his ever so clear sing along vocals, especially during the chorus of “Devour, devour, suffocate your own empire, devour, devour, it’s your final hour”.

The other single Shinedown have released is ‘The Sound Of Madness’ which also happens to be the title of their new album, ‘The Sound Of Madness’ is another strong sounding powerful song that is crammed full of meaty yet catchy sounding guitar riffs, the song is also full of rhythm and powerful sing along vocals, but comes across slightly slower than ‘Devour’.

The new Shinedown album ‘The Sound Of Madness’ is actually the bands third studio album but their debut album release in the UK, and the album opens up with a powerful assault of the two singles ‘Devour’ and then ‘Sound OF Madness’ before launching off on another fast and powerful escapade with ‘Cry For Help’, which uses pretty much the same formula as the two singles.

So Shinedown break us in nicely with three big heavy sounding fast paced tracks, before getting slow on us for the next couple of tracks which doesn’t seem to be a problem at all as shinedown seem to be as good at writing and performing slow songs as they are with the more straight edge rock style of their music. ‘The Crow And The Butterfly’ is the first slow song on the album and it’s actually a really big epic sounding ballad that sounds like a piece of music that you would hear running through a big Hollywood film. ‘If You Only Knew’ is another slow paced song, the sound of the song really reminds me of the slower material from Seether and is one of those songs where you want to put your arms up in the air and sway from side to side with your lighter making a small light.

‘The Sound Of Madness’ by Shinedown is a real mixed album, it starts off fast and furious and showcases the heavy side of the band and then after three tracks things slow down and Shinedown treat you to a few ballads and soft rock songs before the pace picks up again for the more rocky ‘Sin With A Grin’ but as soon as the song finishes and you think Shinedown are about to get heavy again they seem to take two steps back and play yet another soft rock song, this time with a song called ‘What A Shame’ but luckily after that song you get to the best song on the album ‘Cyanide sweet Tooth Suicide’ and trust me it’s well worth the wait.

My advice to you is to turn your speakers up as loud as they can go when you get to ‘Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide’ as the song is actually amazing, this is what heavy melodic rock is all about, this is Shinedown at their best, the song is crammed full of heavy guitar riffs that are played at 100 miles per hour, bouncy basslines, constant fast paced drumming and one of the most catchy choruses I have heard in a long, seriously this song is a real big mix and it has everything, its proper radio friendly and if Shinedown don’t decide to release this as their next single then whoever picks the singles in camp Shinedown really can’t do their maths.

If it wasn’t for all the slow songs then ‘The Sound OF Madness’ from Shinedown would be one hell of an album, don’t get me wrong the slow songs aren’t bad or anything but there is far too many of them especially when all the Shinedown songs I have heard before listening to this album have been pretty fast and heavy yet melodic and that is the side of shinedown that I enjoy the most., I still rate the album highly and would recommend it to anyone.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Brent Smith (Vocals)
Barry Kerch (Drums)
Zach Myers (Guitar)
Nick Perri (Guitar)
Eric Bass (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Devour
2. Sound Of Madness
3. Cry For Help
4. The Crow & The Butterfly
5. If You Only Knew
6. Sin With A Grin
7. What A Shame
8. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
9. Breaking Inside
10. Call Me
11. I Own You
12. The Energy
13. Son Of Sam
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