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Soma High - Lo FatSoma High - Lo Fat

Soma High are a three piece band from Southampton, there name sounds like they are actually some teeny bopping American pop-punk band that formed at a strange high school, but that isn’t the case as they are 100% from Southampton, and if you happen to go to shows on a regular basis in Southampton then I am pretty sure that you would of come across these guys on a number of occasions as they have been selling out venues across Southampton throughout the whole of 2008 which include a number of support slots with some huge bands such as scouting For Girls, Razorlight plus a stint on the NME tour.

The band’s debut single is called 'Lo Fat', and it’s pretty much what you would expect from modern music these days, the song has some crunching guitar riffs; the much needed electronics that every band can’t seem to go without these days and a set of very loud and clear vocals from front man Sean Strugnell.

The main b-side to the single is 'Tell You What' the song is really laid back compared to the main single release, and the lyrics are quite repetitive with Sean Strugnell's vocals coming across more drowsy sounding here, once again the song is filled with electronics to beef it up.

The last song featured on the single is 'End Of Line', the song starts with an annoying electronic beat that comes and goes every two seconds and the most annoying thing is that it doesn’t seem to want to go away, luckily if you can hold in there for 2minutes it disappears as the song builds up into a loud outro.

The press release says Soma High are influenced by Nirvana, I would say that they are more influenced by Feeder and pretty much any band with electronics in their sound. Their debut single is a very impressive offering, it’s just a shame that the two b-sides included on the single are more fillers than anything else.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Soma High - Band
Sean Strugnell (vocals, guitar, keys)
Leon Azor (Bass, vocals, Keys)
Rob Crisp (Drums, vocals, percussion)
 Track Listing
1. Lo Fat
2. Tell You What
3. End Of Line
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