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Stone Gods - Burn The WitchStone Gods - Burn The Witch

In the early 2000's The Darkness came out of nowhere to become one of the biggest UK rock bands which was due to the bands old skool rock sound and frontman Justin Hawkins unique vocals. The band became so big all over the world that the pressure was on for them to deliver on the follow up album to 'Permission To Land', the time came and the band released 'One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back' an album that followed on from the same style as 'Permission To Land', the album was good but the major press slated the album which started the downward spiral that soon broke the band up with frontman Justin Hawkins admitting he had problems and left the band.

So when The Darkness fell apart remaining members Dan Hawkins, Richie Edwards and Ed Graham regrouped and brought Toby Macfarlaine into the fold and created a brand new band called Stone Gods, when the band regrouped they were met with two problems, the first being that they didn’t want people thinking they were still The Darkness but with a new name, and secondly they didn’t have a vocalist so Richie Edwards stepped up to take on lead vocals. A quick listen to any of the bands songs will show you that they have over come both problems with ease and have a tough, tight heavy British rock sound, with the only comparison of The Darkness laying in the band members names but not the music.

Stone Gods have been heavy at work and embarked on their debut UK tour which went down really well and helped them introduce themselves to the music world. The band have recently released their debut EP Burn The Witch which sold out on the day of release but luckily is available to Download from the bands website, luckily I got hold of the EP just before it sold out.

Burn The Witch is a solid release, its 4 tracks long and runs for just under 15 minutes and showcases the heavy rock sound that the Stone Gods have adapted. The EP starts off with 'Burn The Witch' which is a hard rocking song with really dark lyrics about burning witches, Dan Hawkins guitar riffs are top stuff and wouldn’t be too out of place on earlier Metallica material, Richie Edwards does a fantastic job with his vocals which come out quite powerful sounding.

'You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight' is a great name for a song and is an extremely catchy song where Richie Edwards seems to be loving every minute of his new found frontman status, his vocals sound a mixture of Axl Rose meets Steven Tyler, the guitar work is fantastic with the guitar solo really showing that the Stone Gods know how to rock out. The dual guitar assault introduction on 'Breakdown' really makes the song.

The EP comes to an end with 'Heartburn' a song that verges into country rock territory, the guitar work is pretty spot on, especially during the long lasting solo, Richie Edwards’ vocals are great here and really make the song stand out.

Overall Burn The Witch is a great EP and a great start for the Stone Gods in the music industry, the band sound nothing like their previous outing (The Darkness) and each song on Burn The Witch is exciting in its own way sounding totally different from the last. The band are soon to release a full length album and I’m really looking forward to it. Stone Gods are heading in the right direction for success but I think it’s going to take some time before the band gather their own fan base and loose all the people who are hoping to hear some Darkness songs, the sooner it happens the better though.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Stone Gods - Band
Richie Edwards (Vocals, Guitar)
Dan Hawkins (Guitar, Vocals)
Toby Macfarlaine (Bass, Vocals)
Ed Graham (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Burn The Witch
2. You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight
3. Breakdown
4. Heartburn
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