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The Rivers - Knock Me DownThe Rivers - Knock Me Down

Where have the Rivers been all my life? Crikey Moses, what have I been missing out on? This is well and truly up my alley. Instant thoughts are BoyKillBoy meets The Cinematics, but then when the vocals kick in I'm thinking more The Kooks. But don't roll your eyes and tut, this would be a very good Kooks. (And to be fair their new single is really good.) In fact, remember when the Kooks came out, with "You Don't Love Me," and everyone creamed their pants, and then their less rocky stuff emerged and people got a bit bored of things sounding the same. Well, this is the beginning of something beautiful, I just hope The Rivers can stay at this level. It's your standard linear indie tune, but there's something about it, oof, I love it.

The b-side is an acoustic version of "A Seaside Affair." As acoustic music goes, it's not fantastic. But then there are artists dedicating themselves to that sound. As far s an indie band doing an acoustic song goes, it's your predictable little number, you know. But it isn't bad. However, I'm pleased to say that for the first time in quite a while, an awesome single has not been overshadowed by an even better b-side.


Review by Thom
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1. Knock Me Down
2. A Seaside Affair
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