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Thirteen Senses - ContactThirteen Senses - Contact

Cornwall’s Thirteen Senses return with second studio album ‘Contact’.

The album introduces itself with the piano-led title song, with its epic clashing notes and jangling/chugging guitars, it sets the scene and leads into the album nicely, it’s no Politick, but it’s a nice start…I brace myself for endless Coldplay comparisons.

Next up is the single ‘All the love in your Hands’, its breezy and summery, with echoing guitars and pulsating bass, it’s a good track, but it’s a pale imitation of ‘Talk’.

‘Animal’ starts promisingly, around 40 seconds in, the song explodes into life, thumping drums, it’s a large sound, of beat bass finished with Will South’s vocals, it’s a refreshing surprise, just as I was sliding down into my seat, possibly a good choice for a future single.

Ahh, ok, here comes acoustic track ‘Call Someone’ and as if as an impulse I blurt out ‘Green Eyes’ over the top of the chorus, and guess what, it actually sounds as if it fits perfectly in place.

‘Follow Me’ starts extremely worryingly, with a blast from an organ, one almost expects to hear Will South belting out how he will try to fix you. Thankfully the song blossoms into a catchy upbeat pop song, carrying with the looping guitars and breathy vocal formula that has gained Thirteen Senses so many fans over the last few years.

The whole album has a feel of hit and miss about it. Thirteen Senses are never going to be a cutting edge, boundary pushing, genre defining band, but at the same time you feel that more thought and passion could be encapsulated into the 3 minutes of each song. The epics of Animal and follow me don’t feel large enough and the 80’s pop inspired tracks like ‘Spirals’ and ‘A lot of Silence’ don’t feel edgy enough, and the whole time the album is playing there is an underlying feeling of incompleteness.

It is all too easy to draw lazy comparisons with Coldplay and such, however in summary, this could honestly be a whole album of Coldplay B-sides.

2 /5

Review by Jakk
 Band Members
Thirteen Senses - Band
Will South (Vocals, Piano Guitar, Keyboards)
Tom Welham (Guitar)
Adam Wilson (Bass)
Brendon James (Drums)
 Track Listing

1. Contact
2. All The Love In Your Hands
3. Animal
4. Call Someone
5. Follow Me
6. A Lot Of Silence Here
7. Spirals
8. Talking To Sirens
9. Under The Sun
10. Spark
11. Ones And Zeros

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