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Papa Roach  Who Do you Trust?		
Papa Roach – Who Do you Trust?

Papa Roach are easily one of the hardest working bands in the music industry as since the release of their debut album ‘Old Friends From Young Years’ they have had a formula which has seen them release a new studio album every 2-3 years  and in the time between album releases they are constantly touring across the world on their own headline tours and also cropping at many major festivals across and the world.

Back in October 2018 Papa Roach announced that their tenth studio album ‘Who Do You Trust?’ was complete and was scheduled for release in January and during the same announcement they instantly dropped two brand new singles consisting of ‘Who Do You Trust?’ and ‘Renegade Music’, with ‘Who Do You Trust?’ being a big catchy rap rock number that is heavily influenced on Papa Roach’s old school music and also that of Rage Against The Machine and easily has the potential to be a mosh pit masterpiece once played on the live circuit. ‘Renegade Music’ also has the same rap, rock raw feel  and is a big listenable tub thumping tune.

‘Who Do You Turst?’ the tenth studio album from Papa Roach is out now and if you were drawn in by the two instant single releases of ‘Who Do You Trust?’, and ‘Renegade Music’ then you are going to love this new album from Papa Roach as it is easily the most experimental and poppy album the band have ever released which touches nicely on their rock-rock nu metal roots yet also manages to knock out its fair share of surprises.

The album opens in a tasty way with ‘The Ending’ a heavy sounding track which features plenty of electronic elements yet also packs a massive punch thanks for the huge rocking infectious shout-out0loud choruses Papa Roach are well known for.

 ‘Not The Only One’ also sees Papa Roach go down the pop-rock route but in a more experimental way with electronic samples and chunky riffs on offer throughout. ‘Elevate’ reminds me so much of Imagine Dragons it’s a huge sounding song which like a lot of the album has an infectious radio friendly feel about it with a bit of rap rock vocals from Jacoby Shaddix thrown in for good measures.  ‘Come Around’ a song which happens to be one of  the most laid back and radio friendly moment on the album . ‘Feel Like Home’ is a soft sounding song which really oozes in life when the infectious chorus kicks in which has Jacoby Shaddix singing out “ooooooooo I hate this feeling, you don’t feel like home”.

Whilst the majority of ‘Who Do You Trust?’ is a good listen there are a few filler tracks on the album such as the boring ‘Problems’ and far to experimental ‘Top Of The World’ and sleepy ‘Better Than Life’.

With ‘Who Do You Trust?’  Papa Roach have thrown out their song writing rule book and put so many different influences, styles and ideas into a mixer and come up with their most diverse and whacky sounding album yet, it’s an album which a lot of people may over look on the first, second or third listen but the more time you give the album the most enjoyment you will get out of it as ‘Who Do You Trust?’ is a big enjoyable album but my only concern is how many songs from this album will still be played live at Papa Roach shows in let’s say 5 years’ time?


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jacoby Shaddix
Jerry Horton
Tobin Esperance
Tony Palermo
 Track Listing
1. The Ending
2. Renegade Music
3. Not The Only One
4. Who Do You Trust?
5. Elevate
6. Come Around
7. Feel Like Home
8. Problems
9. Top Of The World
10. I Suffer Well
11. Maniac
12. Better Than Life
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