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Tiny Moving Parts  Swell		
Tiny Moving Parts – Swell

Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts are a three piece band made up of vocalist Dylan Mattheisen and his two cousins, brothers Matthew Chevalier on drums and Billy Chevalier on bass and backing vocals and have been a band since way back in junior high school and went on to release their debut album ‘This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship’ back in 2013 on Kind Of Like Records and since then the band have signed to a number of different record labels and are now signed to Big Scary Monsters are gearing up to release their fourth studio album ‘Swell’ on the 26th January.

The album opens with ‘Appluse’ which also happens to be the band’s latest single and  a song which rocks out right from the opening riffs and becomes insanely catchy within seconds thanks to the outstanding musicianship from the talented trio that are Tiny Moving Parts, the guitar riffs from Dylan Mattheisen are strong and loud, the drum beats from William Chevalier are big loud and constant and the bass lines from Matthew Chevalier adds a bit of bounce to the song and what really brings the song fully to life is the outstanding vocals from Dylan Mattheisen which sees him sing and shout in a melodic way like his life depends on it.

‘Smooth It Out’ follows on nicely from the opening track and keeps with the award winning formula of big intense jamming and epic vocals from Dylan Matthesien which grab your attention from the off as he has such a strong vocal rang which works perfectly with the trios instrumental work.

‘Feel Alive’ opens with some of the best instrumental work on the album and take’s you on a big rocky journey which has Dylan Mattheisen singing out “I want to be alive all the time” and as the song progresses it features various different instrumental break downs which are perfectly placed and also some huge sounding gang vocals.

‘Caution’ opens in a mellow way with Dylan Mattheisen singing “The caution tape that you have wrapped around my brain, has continued to stay as I am waiting for a break constantly connecting dots, trying my best consuming facts, all I’ve learnt is what’s done is done and you can’t change the past” and seconds later the fast and furious instrumental work from the trio comes crashing in at 100 miles per hour and as the song progresses Dylan Mattheisen screams out “This is love” on a few occasions.

Songs like ‘Wildfire’, ‘Whale Watching’ and ‘Malfunction’ are instrumentally epic and ones that will go down a storm on the live circuit, ‘Its Cold Tonight’ will easily have their legion of fans singing-a-long on the live circuit, ‘Warm Hand Splash’ closes the album in an epic way with Dylan Mattheisen singing along in such a big way which fully shows off his wide vocal range as his vocals change as the song progresses.

‘Swell is a big addictive album and judging by how awesome it is 2018 is going to be a big year for Tiny Moving Parts and I personally can’t wait for them to head to the UK and play these songs on the live circuit as the whole album is top notch and has totally been written for the live circuit.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Dylan Mattheisen
Matthew Chevalier
Billy Chevalier
 Track Listing

1. Applause
2. Smooth It Out
3. Feel Alive
4. Caution
5. Wildfire
6. Whale Watching
7. It's Too Cold Tonight
8. Malfunction
9. Wishbone
10. Warm Hand Splash

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