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Fozzy - Judas		
Fozzy - Judas

Over the past year Fozzy have been hard at work on their untitled seventh studio album, an album which has faced a few delays due to Chris Jericho’s commitments with WWE but it looks likes the release of the album is a step closer now as the band have just unleashed their storming new single ‘Judas’.

‘Judas’ is a proper tub-thumping rock-n-roll number, its loud its banging it has big chunky guitar riffs running throughout and the vocal performance from front man Chris Jericho is easily one of his strongest to date and acts as a big fuck you to anyone who has doubted Fozzy over the years .

With the surprise release if ‘Judas’ the excitement is  growing for the forthcoming seventh Fozzy studio album which I am sure more details will be released within the upcoming weeks as Fozzy embark on their ‘Judas Rising’ American tour.

Welcome back guys.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Chris Jericho
Rich Ward
Frank Fontsere
Billy Grey
Paul Di Leo
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1. Judas

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