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Senses Fail  In Your Absence 		
Senses Fail – In Your Absence

I first got into Senses Fail when they released their second studio album ‘Still Searching’ on Vagrant Records, a record label which totally n Your Absence’.

oozed in talent back then, since then Senses Fail have put out 4 more studio albums and now are now celebrating 15 years as a band and to coincide with that they have just released a 5 track EP called ‘I‘In Your Absence’ is an acoustic EP which features 3 brand new tracks as well as ‘Lost And Found’ from the ‘Still Searching’ album and ‘Family Tradition’ from the ‘Life Is Not A Waiting Room’ album all reworked in acoustic format, yet it is the 3 new tracks which really show of frontman Buddy Nielson’s truly honest song writing as the songs deal with the themes of love, loss and death.

The EP opens with ‘Jets To Peru’ a song which see’s Senses Fail tone things down for once in their lives as let’s face it the last couple of senses Fail albums have been pretty heavy and featured lots of angry screams from Nielson, whilst ‘Jest To Peru’ maybe a toned down song compared to other senses Fail material it is also an infectious number, the song flows so well and has a catchy buzz running throughout as Nielson sings his heart out about love.

The EP title track ‘In Your Absence is such an enjoyable song and easily one of the most honest and emotionally charged songs I have ever heard with Nielson opening the song with lyrics of “Can we make a pact, if one of us dies, then the other one will too, cause I can’t stand living in this world with you” and later on in the song he sings “When you leave this earth, there’ll be a hole in the place where my heart used to beat, it will be empty how the fuck am I supposed to care about what’s happening out there, how the hell am I supposed to get used to all this death”.

Like the previous track ‘Death Bed’ deals with a theme of death with Nielson singing “Sometimes I’m so afraid that one day I will lie awake in this bed we’ve made and you’ll just be a memory the cancer took your breath away from me”, the lyrics are truly deep, honest and emotional and the acoustic nature of the song really suits the dark theme.

Both ‘Family Tradition’ and ‘Lost And Found’ are great reworking’s of majorly underrated Senses Fail songs and hopefully the stripped back nature of the songs will help people appreciate how good the songs actually are.

I personally feel ‘In Your Absence’ is one of the most exciting releases from Senses Fail in some time and I really hope the band carry on with the dark lyrical content for their forthcoming seventh studio album which is due for release later on this year.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Buddy Nielsen
Gavin Caswell
Chris Hornbrook
 Track Listing
1. Jets to Peru
2. In Your Absence
3. Death Bed
4. Family Tradition
5. Lost and Found
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