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Incubus  Nimble Bastard		
Incubus – Nimble Bastard

It is coming up to 6 years since Incubus released their last studio album ‘If Not Now, When?’ an album which saw Incubus tone things down and go down the soft rock route, the album got mixed reviews across the board yet most importantly the songs transpired well on the live circuit.

Incubus have just announced that their eighth studio album is due for release on the 21st April and is called ‘8’ and straight away they have dropped ‘Nimble Bastard’ which happens to be the lead single from the album, and if you have been waiting patiently for new Incubus material since the release of ‘If Not Now, When?’ then I can confirm that ‘Nimble Bastard’ has been well worth the wait.

‘Nimble Bastard’ see’s Incubus go back to the heavy yet catchy sound which could be found in albums such as ‘A Crow Left Of The Murder’ and ‘Make Yourself’, the riff running through the song is fantastic and the whole tempo and vibe of the song is right up there alongside some of the best Incubus songs released, lyrically the song is about someone who over comes the harshest of things and always lands on their feet and walks off laughing.

The release of ‘Nimble Bastard’ was a pleasant surprise; it’s nice to Incubus back and especially in such an infectious yet heavy way and now the anticipation for album number eight is truly on.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Brandon Boyd
Mike Einziger
Jose Pasillas
Chris Kilmore
Ben Kenney
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1. Nimble Bastard

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