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As It Is  Okay		
As It Is – Okay

As It Is are an infectious pop-punk band from Brighton and they released their debut album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ on Fearless Records back in 2015 and now they have just unleashed their second studio album ‘Okay’ and it’s fair to say it’s not ok it’s pretty damn good.

The album opens with the super bouncy ‘Pretty Little Distance’ and it really is the perfect track to open the album as it is a pure pop-punk track and it really sets the pace for the rest of the album and really showcases how infectious As It Is are.

The album title track ‘Okay’ follows on from the opening track nicely and is equally as bouncy as Patty Walters vocally takes us on an infectious journey as Andy westhead, Benjamin Lanford-Biss, Alistair Testo and Patrick Foley really give it their all as they lay down some solid guitar riffs, bass lines and drum beats to perfection.

‘Hey Rachel’ continues with the happy vibes and drummer Patrick Foley deserves a special mention as his drum beats on the track are outstanding and stand out more than they do on any other track on the album. ‘Patchwork Love’ and ‘Curtains Close’ see things slow down ever so slightly with the latest of the two songs standing out the most.

‘No Way Out’ is up there with the opening track ‘Pretty Little Distance’ as one of the best tracks on the album, its super infectious and quite punchy and in your face and is clearly crying out to be released as a single and I am sure it will be within the next couple of months.

‘Soap’ see’s things change ever so slightly reminding me of early Brand New material well it does until the rocking chorus kicks and packs an almighty punch. ‘Austen’ continues down the sound changing route as the band lay off the pop-punk and go more alt-rock with Patrick Foley laying down some heavy bass lines.

The album picks back up on the pop-punk routes for ‘The Coast Is Where Home Is’ before going out on an acoustic number with album closer ‘Still Remembering’ which shows off a more laid back soothing side of the band and brings the album to a close in the total opposite way of how it opened.

You can tell that As It Is have taken their time and put a lot of effort into ‘Okay’ as everything is spot on from the retro artwork featuring a girl riding her bike down the street with an atomic bomb in her basket to the infectious pop-punk sounds which run through three quarters of the album with the band solidly coming out of their comfort zone for the rest, well done guys and I look forward to hearing some of these songs on the live circuit.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Andy Westhead
Benjamin Langford-Biss
Patrick Foley
Patty Walters
Ali Testo
 Track Listing

1. Pretty Little Distance...
2. Okay
3. Hey Rachel
4. Patchwork Love
5. Curtains Close
6. No Way Out
7. Soap
8. Austen
9. Until I Return
10. The Coast Is Where Home Is
11. Still Remembering

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