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Illustr8ors - Illustr8ors
Illustr8ors - Illustr8ors

Since seeing the Illustr8ors on tour with Toseland recently, which I covered for Alternative Vision; check the review out. I left feeling that the guys in Illustr8ors had alot more to offer going forward and their recently released self titled EP proves that and some! 

The songs that Illustr8ors played for their set consisted of the tracks from the EP, luckily I was able to catch these hard hitting rock tracks first live, as they left a lasting impression to seek out their recently released music, since receiving a copy of the EP, they have become a very regular play on my daily playlist.

Opening the EP is the previous released single Your Animal and with that in the first 5 seconds the guitar riff catches you, then the foot thumping bass drum kicks in and your away. I mentioned before in my live review, this is a very easy listen rock song, with the support of the Classic Rock magazine distributing this single on their compilation CD, this song is perfect way for the UK and the world to get a taste of the Illustr8ors as it has all the elements of the band, but leaving you with the need of more from the elements. 

Which perfectly leads into the next song Something Biblical. A lot more faced paced and alot more hard-hitting, showing the vocal talents of Scott Sharp, with the complements of the lead guitaring of John Greenhill. Yet again the drumming from Thomas Lennox-Brown gets you tapping your feet along right up to the end when they go real rock heavy with the guys being joined by Ben Webb on Bass and Jason Cronin on Guitar.

If I was asked to pick one song off the EP which highlights what the Illustr8ors is all about then it will be Swimming With Anchors. I truly believe this song will be the one to rocket the guys to the next level in regards to being heard and talked about. This has been my most played song from the EP, I would love to sit and go into this song but it has some sort of connection to me since listening to it, possibly this is from the strong but melodically vocal talents of Scott Sharp, this guy can hit the right notes on the EP and live, I just feel I'm robbing people off from not hearing this sooner, so don't delay and listen to a truly strong track of 2016!

Closing the album, is a rock with hints of funk inspired track Shush Shush. Yet again this shows the ability that the guys in Illustr8ors are able to get outside the rock box and bring something different to the plate but do it with such ease, the jivey beats from Thomas Lennox-Brown and the laid back bass rhythm from Ben Webb, then the slow but gradual fast riffing of both John and Jason, with the funk inspired vocals from Scott get you ready to jig or if your lucky enough to jump to this live. 

2017 will definitely be a year that the guys in Illustr8ors will conquer with full force, closing 2016 with the tour with Toseland and the release of the their self titled EP. I have the feeling that these guys are going to be heading to the big time, alot sooner then they anticipated and with that I look forward to supporting them further and to cover alot more of their shows and new released music. 


Review by Rob Knight

 Band Members

Scott Sharp
Jason Cronin
John Greenhill
Ben Webb
Thomas Lennox-Brown
 Track Listing

1. Your Animal
2. Something Biblical
3. Swimming With Anchors
4. Shush Shush

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