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The Kenneths  Double N
The Kenneths – Double N

The Kenneths formed in January 2015 and since their formation they have been on one amazing journey which has seen them tour the states on the Vans Warped Tour after being personally invited by organiser Kevin Lyman, whilst back in the UK they have played alongside the likes of Anti-Flag, Juliette And The Licks, Jack Garratt, Lianne La Havas and Less Than Jake whilst also hitting up many of the major UK festivals.

The first time I came across The Kenneths was back in May when they supported Less Than Jake at the Academy in Oxford and I was instantly hooked on the band wanting their 30minute set to last longer as the band had such amazing energy, played an impressive set with the likes of ‘What Happened To the Radio’, ‘What Happened To My Sex’ and ‘Hollywood’ standing out for the better and frontman Josh Weller was absolutely bonkers not being able to keep still our silent throughout the set, cracking jokes and making everyone who hadn’t already gathered during the early part of the set about his ADHD.

The band have just released their new 4 track EP titled ‘Double N’ and it is an seriously infectious listen that clocks in at just under 9minutes which doesn’t sound long at all but when a band has the energy that The Kenneths have it is more than enough and you are guaranteed to be reaching for the play button again as soon as the EP comes to an close as it is such an awesome listen.

The EP kicks off with ‘All Cried Out’ a song which showcases how talented each member of The Kenneths are as the drum beats from Aicha Djidjelli are fast and solid sounding whilst the bass lines from Lewis Maynard are equally as fast and majorly bouncy whilst the guitar riffs from Josh Weller have punk rock written all over them especially when he’s shouting “I’m all cried out” over and over again.

‘Fucked In Love’ is a perfect mosh pit anthem, as soon as the song kicks in you can just imagine the mayhem that going to kick off at the bands live shows as the song is full of energy and has a chant-a-long chorus of “I’m fucked and in love again” which I am sure a fair few people will be able to relate to.

‘Hollywood’ is one of the songs which stood out for me when I first saw The Kenneths live back in May and it is easy to see why as the song is the most upbeat track on the album yet still maintains that impressive Kenneths angst.

‘I Can’t Focus’ is a song about Josh Weller’s ADHD and his inability to concentrate on anything for more than 10minutes, the track is short and sweet clocking in at 1minute and 11seconds but once you hear the speed of the drums, guitars, bass and vocals you will understand how The Kenneths have created such a short and sweet yet epic track.

At the moment The Kenneths are out on the road with WACO for a co-headline tour and that takes them right through to the middle of October and then in December the band are heading out over Europe and the UK to support Yellowcard on their final ever tour, a tour which I am looking forward to where I will be saying farewell to one of my favourite bands ever whilst also hearing one of my favourite up and coming UK bands on the live circuit again, The Kenneths have a really bright future ahead of them and I can’t wait for them to release a full length album in the future.


Review by Trigger

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1. All Cried Out
2. Fucked In Love
3. Hollywood
4. I Can't Focus

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