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Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave
Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

On the 16th September Taking Back Sunday release their seventh studio album ‘Tidal Wave’ an album that is highly anticipated by the bands hard core fans on the back of hearing the two singles ‘Tidal Wave’ and ‘You Can’t Look Back’ which have already been released to promote the album and on the back of those singles it seemed that ‘Tidal Wave’ could be the most diverse Taking Back Sunday album ever made, and after listening to the album on heavy rotation for the past week or so I can confirm that yes it is the most diverse Taking Back Sunday album and can also say that it sounds like classic Taking Back Sunday in places but for the majority Taking Back Sunday have once again reinvented themselves and created an album that has the potential to be in many publications best of 2016 lists when the year is out.

Taking Back Sunday announced ‘Tidal Wave’ a few months back with the release of the single of the same name and it was a complete shock to everyone firstly that new Taking Back Sunday material was so close to being released and secondly how the song was a big chant-a-long punk rock number that wouldn’t sound to out of place on a Dropkick Murphy’s album,  Taking Back Sunday have since released the second single from ‘Tidal Wave’ titled ‘You Can’t Look Back’ which had all the elements of a classic Taking Back Sunday song with so much more especially when Adam Lazzara takes you on a beautiful journey with the songs super infectious chorus.

The album opens in a dreamy way with ‘Death Wolf’ and after a 50 second introduction the song swings into full flow with Taking Back Sunday rocking out for the next 3minutes, the song is huge sounding with everything from the guitars, drums, bass and loud and clear infectious vocals sounding spot on.

The majority of ‘Tidal Wave’ is upbeat with the likes of ‘Fences’, ‘All Excess’, ‘Holy Water’, ‘In The Middle Of It All’ lighting up the airwaves but the band do take a breather for the beautifully executed ‘I Felt It Too’ a song which is so stripped back with really minimal instrumental work leaving Adam Lazzara and co to fully shine with their vocals.

Stand out tracks on the album for me are ‘Call Come Running’ just for its stupidly infectious chorus which is going to see the song go down a storm on the live circuit and instantly become a fan favourite and also the acoustic ‘Homecoming’ which shows a whole different side to Taking Back Sunday a side which I hope the band expand on in the future.

‘Tidal Wave’ is easily up there as one of the best Taking Back Sunday albums ever created and it is safe to say there is no stopping Taking Back Sunday at the moment as they are on top form and I can’t wait to hear some of ‘Tidal Wave’ played live in the near future.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Adam Lazzara
Eddie Reyes
John Nolan
Mark O'Connell
Shaun Cooper
 Track Listing

1. Death Wolf
2. Tidal Wave
3. You Can’t Look Back
4. Fences
5. All Excess
6. I Felt It Too
7. Call Come Running
8. Holy Water
9. In The Middle Of It All
10. We Don’t Go In There
11. Homecoming
12. I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want

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