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While She Sleeps  Civil IsolationWhile She Sleeps – Civil Isolation

While She Sleep have just surprised their legion of fans by releasing a brand new single called ‘Civil Isolation’ which is taken from the bands forthcoming third studio album which is currently surrounded in secrecy but what we do know is before the band started writing songs for the new album they wanted an environment where they could express themselves and explore new ideas without being trapped or confined by rules, regulations and deadlines so they transformed an old warehouse in the industrial heart of Sheffield into their new home and went straight to work on new ideas and songs.

‘Civil Isolation’ is a tub thumper from start to finish, it’s the kind of song where you really need to whack your speakers up a couple of extra notches so you can really appreciate the heaviness of the song, instrumentally the song is extremely fast, heavy and powerful with the whole band coming together to create epic sounds with the breakdowns towards the middle of the song being some of the best I have heard in a long time, vocally Lawrence Taylor is a man on a mission with such a fast and aggressive vocal assault for the majority of the song  yet towards the middle of the song the vocals become more calm as the aggressive nature of the song takes a 20 second breather before the mayhem continues again.

Details on the forthcoming While She Sleeps album are due to drop over the next couple of weeks so whilst you wait patiently, download ‘Civil Isolation’ and  blast it out at full volume whilst trying not to mosh aggressively in the comfort of your own home.


While She Sleeps - Civil Isolation

Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Lawrence Taylor
Sean Long
Mat Welsh
Aaran Mckenzie
Adam Savage
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1. Civil Isolation

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