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Sum 41  War
Sum 41 – War

A couple of months ago Sum4 1 released their first single in over 5 years titled ‘Fake My Own Death’ the song was a brilliant come back for the band and one lyrically which touches on the crazy journey frontman Deryck Whibley has been on over the past couple of years , the band have now announced that their sixth studio album ’13 Voices’ will be released on the 7th October and for those who can’t wait for the release lucky for you the band have just unleashed another new single from the album called ‘War’.

‘War’ could easily be one of the most personal songs Deryck Whibley has ever written as the song opens with Deryck Whibley singing out “What am I fighting for, everything back and more, and I’m not going to let this go im ready to settle the score get ready cause this is war”. Lyrically the song was written when Deryck Whibley was close to slipping back into alcoholism but instead of giving into temptation he found putting pen to paper and writing songs a good distraction and it seems to have worked as he has beat alcoholism and potentially written the most important album of his career. Musically the song is a little more laid back than the previous single ‘Fake My Own Death’ yet vocally Deryck Whibley puts on one hell of a powerful performance as he sings his heart out.

The countdown is now on for the release of ’13 Voices’ which promises to be the biggest, best and most diverse Sum41 album to date and I am sure the likes of ‘Fake My Own Death’ and ‘War’ will keep the fans entertained until the album’s release.


Sum41 - War

Review by Trigger

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Deryck Whibley
Cone McCaslin
Tom Thacker
Dave Brownsound
Frank Zummo
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1. War

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