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Sleeping With Sirens  Go Go GoSleeping With Sirens – Go Go Go

Sleeping With Sirens released their fourth studio album ‘Madness’ back I n March 2013 and the release of that albums has seen the band tour all over the world and now they are gearing up to return to the UK in March and to coincide with that they are releasing their new single ‘Go Go Go’.

‘Go Go Go’ is a pure pop-punk masterpiece and is a bouncy anthem from start to finish and I can guarantee that the bands legion of fans are going to go wild when this song is played live at their forthcoming UK tour as the song is easily the catchiest one they have wrote to date and songs like this are only going to help Sleeping With Sirens reach the dizzy heights of their idols in All Time Low who have finally reached arena status.

If you know what’s good for you give ‘Go Go Go’ a listen and head down to a show when Sleeping With Sirens return to the UK in March as I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed as this is pop-punk at its very best.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Kellin Quinn
Justin Hills
Gabe Barham
Jack Fowler
Nick Martin
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1.Go Go Go
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