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Thomas Nicholas Band - TerrifiedThomas Nicholas Band – Terrified

Now a lot a of people will be wondering who the hell are the Thomas Nicholas Band, I wondered exactly the same back in April when they were over in the UK for the Hit The Deck Festival and totally missed seeing them live due to watching various of bands on the busy festival bill and since missing them at Hit The Deck I realised that Thomas Nicholas is more famous for his role as Kevin Myers in American Pie and that his music totally rules.

The Thomas Nicholas Band released a new EP earlier in the year called ‘Security’ it saw them team up with Caleb Turman from Forever The Sickest Kids who helped write the EP and now they have just unleashed their new single ‘Terrified’ taken from the ‘Security’ EP.

‘Terrified’ is one hell of a melodic song, it flows like a summer anthem the kind of song that you should be listening to when you’re at a crazy gathering with your friends and the beer is flowing, the song is truly crammed with energy and I would imagine that it sounds even better on the live circuit than it does on record just due to the sheer energy that comes from the song and the well written lyrics which are so easy to pick up on and song-a-long to.

Well you have to give it to Thomas Nicholas, instead of holding on to his American Pie dream and going out and making many second rate movies on the back of his success like many of his old work friends he has decided to show us how talented he is in different areas and more importantly headed out to do something that he truly loves and is obviously very good at and I have to say that ‘Terrified’ is one of the best singles I have heard in a long time.


Thomas Nicholas Band - Terrified

Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Thomas Nicholas
Matthew Kennedy
Jared Wuestenberg
Tim Moore
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1. Terrified

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