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Skid Row - Chapter Two - Rise Of The Damnation ArmySkid Row - Chapter Two – Rise Of The Damnation Army

Back in 2013 Skid Row released a brand new EP titled ‘United World Rebellion: Chapter One’ it was 7 track offering which ran for just under 20minutes and featured 5 brand new Skid Row songs as well as a couple of cover songs it also happened to be the bands first EP release since 1995 and also happens to be the bands first set of new music since 2006 and now the band have just followed that up with ‘United World Rebellion: Chapter Two – Rise Of The Damnation Army’.

‘Chapter Two – Rise Of The Damnation Army’ is set out very similar to part one in the way that it features 5 brand new Skid Row songs and 2 cover songs from classic bands such as Queen and Aerosmith. The EP opens up with ‘We Are The Damned’ a song which happens to be quite an anthem as Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill go full throttle with their guitar riffs and vocally Johnny Solinger sounds stronger than ever here which can only be a positive thing considering how much stick he has received since taking on the rough job of replacing Sebastian Bach.

‘Give It The Gun’ opens with some great basslines from Rachel Bolan and when the song fully gets going it becomes quite an exciting number which is full of energy and oozes in style, when the chorus kicks in you sure know about it as the band chant out “Give it the gun” time and time again whilst playing their instruments like their lives depend on it.

‘Catch Your Fall’ see’s Skid Row go down the slow paced ballad route and don’t get me wrong the song is good and has potential but it is moments like this when you can’t help compare the vocal range of Sebastian Bach to Johnny Solinger and that is when you start to realise just how much better Skid Row could be if Sebastian Bach was still in the band.

‘Damination Army’ sees things pick up again and the opening instrumental work is just fantastic as Rob Hammersmith smashes his drums about like he means business whilst Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill lay down some outstanding guitar riffs and as the song progresses it shows off elements of classic Skid Row as the band add yet another explosive yet catchy song to their back catalogue where Johnny Solinger shines once again with his diverse sounding lead vocals.

‘Zero Day’ is quite a technical song for Skid Row and it takes a lot of time to get going as the band go all out down the experimental work but as soon as things kick in the song becomes huge and you will find yourself singing “Take the power back, fight with all you will, bleed for the cause, eat what you kill” when the chorus kicks in.

The EP comes to a close with a cover of Queens ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ which is played in a nice and fast way and also a cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Rats in the Cellar’ which is also played nice and fast with a slight punk edge and that’s what makes these covers stand out the fact that Skid Row have done everything in their power to stay true to the originals but make them their own at the same time.

I actually happened to catch Skid Row at Download festival over the summer and was impressed that they still have it when it comes to playing live and the classics sounding as good as ever and the new songs showed potential and that’s why I find it exciting that Skid Row are still making music and I think the fact that they are going down the EP’s route rather than the album route makes things that little bit more special as it’s easier to put the effort in to listen to the EP over a few times and see it for what it is.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Johnny Solinge
Scotti Hill
Rachel Bolan
Snake Sabo
Rob Hammersmith
 Track Listing

1. We Are The Damned
2. Give It The Gun
3. Catch Your Fall
4. Damnation Army
5. Zero Day
6. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN cover)
7. Rats In The Cellar (AEROSMITH cover)

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