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Black Shapes - Sleep Sleep SleepBlack Shapes – Sleep Sleep Sleep

Black Shapes formed in London back in 2011 and in their short time together as a band they have gone through a slight line up change and also gone on to release a couple of EP’s but now they are looking at the bigger picture and looking to make a name for themselves with their debut album ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep’ which has been produced by Steve Sears who has worked with the likes of the Gallows, Hang The Bastard, Polar and various other artists before.

‘Sleep Sleep Sleep’ is due for release on the 14th October through In At The Deep End Records and I feel once the album is released you will be hearing about these guys a lot more as they have put so much into the album that they have gone on and created one hell of a riff-tastic brutal record that the hardcore scene kids are going to love.

The album kicks off with ‘Treason, Heresy And Witchcraft’ a song which sets the pace for the next 45minutes with its huge chunky riffs and deep depressing aggressive vocals and general spooky soundscapes and instrumental work which truly makes the track a beastly listen.

‘This Requiem’ see’s Black Shapes go even further down the horror rock hardcore style but this time the song is more slow paced and more experimental sounding as the band take their time to smash the airwaves with their ear bashing sounds.

‘Sin Of Sinners’ is a song which Black Shapes have just released a video for and the video is everything you would expect from these guys, the video starts off with a girl walking her dog through some fields and before you know it the video turns into a mad Rob Zombie style mini horror flick as a few scary looking characters turn up shed some blood and take control of the lead girl with a to be continued sing flashing up at the end of the video which shows that Black Shapes have a short story to be told within their music videos. Musically the song is another heavy affair where old school metal style riffs run throughout.

The likes of ‘Nerissa’ and ‘Age Of Procine’ are going to please the hardcore kids due to the hectic nature of each song, but then there is ‘Clear View Of Static’, ‘Legend Of The Web’ and ‘Midnight Brides’ which shows a more mellow side of Black Shapes.

Overall Black Shapes seriously know how to cause a scene and make a noise and whilst doing so they have also shown that they can be quite progressive and let their soundscapes do the talking in places, and all of this is what helps make ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep’ such an enjoyable 45minute listen.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Gareth Evans
Jonathan Goldthorpe
Richard Wooding
Michael Ager
 Track Listing

1. Treason, Heresy and Witchcraft
2. Our Requiem
3. Sin Of Sinners
4. Sleep With The Gods
5. Nerissa
6. The Echoing Grief
7. Midnight Brides
8. Interlude (Clear View Of Static)
9. Age Of Porcine
10. Legend Of Web
11. Our Temptress The Sea

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