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Tear Out The Heart - ViolenceTear Out The Heart – Violence

Since traditional metalcore is deemed apparently outdated, any band emerging in this modern age has a gimmick or trademark to make them stand out, as of late horror infused music is on the rise with the likes of The Defiled, Motionless In White, hell Rob Zombie and Murderdolls have pushed that horror edge to almighty heights. It works but it’s very well and good doing something like that but it does restrict what you are able to do both on and offstage in terms of keeping it alive, finding middle ground is a must to give yourself options to dive in deeper or to drift away from it should the style stop working, St. Louis newbies Tear Out The Heart bring their debut album forward to face judgement so let’s see just what they’ve got to offer.

Funny I should have mentioned Motionless In White as this is a very similar sounding style to those guys but thankfully don’t take the gimmick as far as those guys as to appear complete a complete imitation to which they could just not win. Combining thick heavier styled metal that almost in an instant becomes this infectious lighter poppier style with a sinister underlining, before just as soon as it dropped switches back up to the brutality mixed in alongside those that just seamlessly flow from start to end. A lot of synthesised sounds and thick bassy drops bring in a feel for that modern age scene which has collected quite the following in recent years that alongside some good old fashion technicality and well written riffs adds for quite the favourable listen. There are a couple of guests; “Coffin Eyes” features Dan Marsala from the popular band Story Of The Year and sweet baby Jesus is it a mammoth of a song with a simply evil vibe but a very big sounding chorus line, the other one is “Undead Anthem” featuring Caleb Shomo who currently sings for Beartooth but used to be a part of the American Attack Attack! Which is another untamed monster with possibly the greatest structure on the album.

To conclude… well I like it. The main point though is that there is a damn lot of bands out there at the moment that are all producing music that sounds extremely similar which may mean that this album could spin in a nightclub and you may confuse it with others or it may pass you by, I think that if given the time this can be one the standout records of the genre. Don’t get me wrong its hardly innovative brilliance and has been done be for and will again but in no way does that not mean it’s a damn good listen.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Tyler Konersman
Josh Spohr
Matthieu Murphy
Isaac Etter
Matt Epstein
 Track Listing

1. Dead By Dawn
2. Infamous Last Words
3. Crucified
4. Undead Anthem
5. Violence
6. Coffin Eyes
7. Feed Me A Stray Cat
8. Eternal Shadows
9. Closure
10. Only Posers Die
11. Darker Tides

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