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Rolo Tomassi - AstraeaRolo Tomassi - Astraea

Rolo Tomassi are currently embarking on a tour to promote their current album, released this week called Astraea. The album is much like their live performance, powerful and gothic, with a hint of a dark cinematic circus injected into it provided by the organ synth that suits Eva Spence's vocal screams and silent girl gentle harmonies to a tee, the same harmonies that stops you dead in tracks and completely changes the tone for an entire verse which is In its self, immense.

The Album is broken in by a calm collection of synths that are joined later by a slow fading drum beat which is met by the thunderous raw of Eva that brings such flawless energy to Astraea.

After seeing the band live first before hearing them I wasn't able to appreciate the true sound of the band properly, but now I've heard them for my self all the pieces fit together now and I can understand why the stage lighting was the way it was, I can understand why the crowd literally begged for one last track from metal core Sheffield lot, and now they can.

The album is in every way a masterpiece and would be perfect for rockers of all ages who are looking for something that bit heavier than the average rock band.

I'd rate the latest contribution to Rolo Tomassi collection an easy


Review By Ciro Guadagno

 Band Members

Edward Dutton
Eva Spence
James Spence
Nathan Fairweather
Chris Cayford
 Track Listing
1. Howl
2. Ex Luna Scientia
3. The Scales of Balance
4. Remancer
5. Empiresk
6. Prelude II (Echolalia)
7. Echopraxia
8. Gloam
9. Illunis
10. Illuminare
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