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Sylosis - MonolithSylosis – Monolith

“Shredding From Reading”, this is the catchphrase associated with heroic British thrash act Sylosis (who are of course based in Reading), they’ve been around the country touring their little asses off the past few years and are at long last finally beginning to make headway in the rest of the world including America. They already had 3 albums under their belt with this latest release being number 4, it’s only their second however to not feature ex-vocalist Jamie Graham and with what I said about their last album Edge of the Earth they’ve got a lot of things to prove to me if they want me to keep coming out to see them with the standard their live act has diminished to without Graham leading the force. Edge of the Earth was a firm well written release just wasn’t on par quality wise with Conclusion of an Age, all down to losing a powerful front man and phenomenal singer as live Josh Middleton is nowhere near as dominant and his vocals just aren’t as sinister or vast in range as Graham’s were.

Right to it then, opener “Out From Below” kicks off slow and methodical as has become synonymous with Sylosis, long winded soft introductions before kicking in with a blast. Notable comment to insert right about here is that from what I can hear there is a very noticeable improvement in vocals, the technicality as always is in full force and impressive as always, especially the structure of this particularly song as during its 6 minute duration there’s that many twists and turns that I just cannot get bored. “Fear The World” kicks off with a metalcore sounding riff you’d expect to hear from a band like Bullet For My Valentine before blasting into the thrash metal they usually create, it crops up again during points of the song before fading to a long outro. That’s the thing with Sylosis they take the symphonic and atmospheric elements to almost dramatic levels the same way classical music would be composed.

“Enshrined” though from what I’ve heard is a complete waste of time, it’s like a 4 minute track, then silence for 15 minutes and a slight soft 2 minute interlude before finishing, what the hell is the point in that? I thought it’d be some hidden track like after 10 minutes of silence there would be a final track somewhere but that never materialised. The rest of the tracks are everything you would expect from Sylosis just with improvements to push their “new” band; “Paradox”, “Monolith” and “Born Anew” all tracks that have that technical style but try to each experiment with separate additions from other aspects of the genre to spruce it up if you will, it does pay off because amongst the technicality there needs to be some parts to just calm it down a bit and bring us down to reality.
So then a much needed sum up then; a definite improvement from Edge of the Earth, not quite better than Conclusion of an Age but I’m not going to lie it’s not far off, vocals see a drastic improvement as well as some experimentation that adds some familiarity to the technical sea of riffs and licks that we usually hear, I actually can see myself listening to this one more that twice before getting fed up of it. Safe to say they proved to me they have still got it just cannot see that live show having any life pushed back into it as I think Middleton has really gone as far as he can with that.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Josh Middleton
Alex Bailey
Carl Parnell
Rob Callard
 Track Listing
1. Out From Below
2. Fear The World
3. What Dwells Within
4. Behind The Sun
5. The River
6. Monolith
7. Paradox
8. A Dying Vine
9. All Is Not Well
10. Born Anew
11. Enshrined
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