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Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex HeadRob Zombie – Mondo Sex Head

Rob Zombie is currently in the process of making a brand new studio album but whilst we wait for him to get it finished and released he has decided to release ‘Mondo Sex Head’ an album which is full of 13 remix songs and anyone who has been a fan of Rob Zombie over the years will know that this is a normal process for Rob Zombie to put an remix album out every so often.

‘Mondo Sex Head’ features the likes of J Devil, Photek, Jack Dangers, Crosses and many others taking their spin on 12 classic Rob Zombie songs and 1 White Zombie song and I have to say that it is interesting listening to the different remixes and comparing them to the original version of the song as a few are a hell of a lot different with the massive dubstep and techno vibes running throughout.

When it comes to remix albums I have never been a big fan as to me it just seems like some lazy way to make for record labels and artists to make money, obviously it’s not lazy for the people remixing the songs as they are doing what they do best and putting their own twist on songs that we have already come to love but the main downside is why would you want to hear a different approach to a song that you have loved for say the past ten years as the likely hood of you preferring the remix more is very slim and the same can be said about the last ability of ‘Mondo Sex Head’ as I really can’t see myself coming back to this when I want to listen to a bit of Rob Zombie.

The best moments on the album are the remixes of ‘Thunder Kiss 65’, ‘Dragula’ and ‘Foxy Foxy’ with ‘Foxy Foxy’ easily being the main highlight here, but then there are songs like ‘Mars Needs Women’ and ‘Pussy Liquor’ which sound so far from the original that you will be slightly confused and disappointed.

I’m not really sure who ‘Mondo Sex Head’ is aimed at but I can see hardcore Rob Zombie fans picking the album up to add to their collection but I can also see the album gathering dust as quick as people picked it up, and as far as remix albums goes ‘Mondo Sex Head’ is alright but a release that should never of happened.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Rob Zombie
John 5
Piggy D
Ginger Fish
 Track Listing
1. Thunder Kiss ’65 (Jonathan ‘JDevil’ Davis Remix)
2. Living Dead Girl (Photek Remix)
3. Let It All Bleed Out (Document One Remix)
4. Foxy, Foxy (KiTheory Remix)
5. More Human Than Human (Big Black Delta Remix)
6. Dragula (??? Remix)
7. Pussy Liquor (KiTheory Remix)
8. Lords of Salem (Das Kapital Remix)
9. Never Gonna Stop (Drumcorps Acid Remix)
10. Superbeast (Kraddy Remix)
11. Devil’s Hole Girls (Tobias Enhus Remix)
12. Burn (The Bloody Beetroots Motherfucker Remix)
13. Mars Needs Women (Griffin Boice Remix)
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