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22 - Kneel Estate22 – Kneel Estate

22 are a four piece band from Norway and they are set to release their 5 track EP ‘Kneel Estate’ on the 22nd November and after listening to the EP a couple of times over I have to say that 22 are an very exciting band who sound like no other band around at the moment which is a major positive point as these guys truly are original.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Kneel Estate’ and it is fantastic with the way that the track builds up with fast but soft vocals and a wide variety of soundscapes giving it a slight eerie feel until the chorus comes at you like a ray of sunshine before things slow down again for the build up to creep up on you again and again, the song is extremely creative and downright fantastic.

‘Molecyl’ is instrumentally exciting, there is so much going on from the funky opening riffs to the chunky outro riffs, the vocals are also fast paced and ever so random with a Panic At The Disco meets Muse and Blood Brothers feel.

Each and every song on ‘Kneel Estate’ has something exciting to offer for example ‘Chrysalis’ takes you on an extremely random yet pleasing instrumental journey whilst ‘Algorythm’ opens up sounding like it could be the theme tune for a future James Bond movie.

The last track on the EP is a remix of the opening track ‘Kneel Estate’ It has been remixed by Kobib and is an interesting take on the track giving it a more tinny sounding dance floor anthem.

It may well be early days for 22 but if ‘Kneel Estate’ is anything to go by then these guys could have quite a promising future as they have created one of the most exciting and unpredictable EP’s of the year where more stands out on each and every listen.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
22 - Band
AndreaS kjøL berG
MatS paulseN
MagnuS børmarK
 Track Listing
1. Kneel Estate
2. Molecyl
3. Chrysalis
4. Algorythm
5. Kneel Estate [Kohib Remix]
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