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The Rocket Dolls - FrameThe Rocket Dolls – Frame

The Rocket Dolls are a brand new trio hailing from Brighton, they are an alternative grunge-rock band who take the dirty riffs of the Zico Chain mixed with the polished sound of Slaves To Gravity to come up with their own blend of grunge-rock and they are due to release their debut EP ‘Frame’ towards the end of January 2010.

‘Frame’ is an 4 track EP which was recorded in Leveller’s studio and mastered by Ace of Skunk Anansie and it is a shit hot release that features a lot of anthemic charge and is best listened to with the sound wacked up to maximum.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Frame’ and it kicks in with a massive squealing piece of guitar work, with Nikki Smash’s lead vocals coming in seconds later sounding very much like the vocals of Drowning Pool back in the day, the song flows really well with great instrumental work which is driven by big riff after big riff, towards the later part of the song everything goes silent whilst Ben Knopfler bashes his drums with the rest of the band coming back in 10 seconds later for the climax of the song.

‘Broken’ opens with some simple drum beats, the guitars then start to charge up with slow paced riffs which slow progress into something a little more upbeat and promising; the vocals are loud and gritty like grunge should be.

The highlight of the EP is ‘Bleeding The Shame’ , the song is a big kick-arse song from start to finish with meaty guitar riffs, fast paced drumming, catchy bass lines and dirty yet catchy sounding vocals that come along stronger than on any of the other songs on the EP.

‘Delirium’ is a big sounding song instrumentally with some squealing guitar solos; vocally the song is quite catchy and overall proves to be the perfect closing track to such a top EP.

It’s good to know that bands such as The Zico Chain, Slaves To Gravity and now The Rocket Dolls are taking the grunge scene by storm and showing the rest of the world that England is the new birth place of grunge; The Rocket Dolls have the potential to go far.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Rocket Dolls - Band
Nikki Smash
Steve Golder
Ben Knopfler
 Track Listing
1. Frame
2. Broken
3. Bleeding The Shame
4. Delirium
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