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Roger Miret And The Disasters - My RiotRoger Miret And The Disasters - My Riot

Roger Miret is a bit of a punk legend who was born in Cuba, and raised on the streets of New York and got into punk music at the early age of thirteen. He also used to fight dogs, went to prison for ferrying drugs and has released many albums since with his bands Agnostic Front and The Disasters. Now The Disasters have just released their third album 'My Riot' upon us.

The bands sound is a mixture of street punk, and dare I say a little bit of pop-punk. To be honest the themes on this album are very un-original, it’s all things we have heard before such as fast cars, riots, skinheads etc.

The album starts off with 'Warning! Warning!' and the opening riff starts off pretty similar to something from Green Day. 'Roots Rockin' Roll' sounds more poppy than it is punk with its fast sing a long sound. 'My Riot' starts off with a great riff and Roger Mirets vocals come in sounding pretty raw and rough just like punk rock should be. 'Noho Soho' seems to go back to the fast poppy-punk sound. Track 5 'Ramones' is a fun track with some great guitar work at the start and some fast sing a long lyrics throughout.

Track 10 'fuck You' is just a pointless fifty second assault of the F word which finishes with chants of 'Fuck You' the songs not big or clever.

To be honest I’m not overly impressed with this album as I feel like I have heard it all before and the band cant make there mind up if they want to be a hardcore punk band or a pop-punk band.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Roger Miret And The Disasters - Band
Roger Miret (Vocals, Guitar)
Rhys Kil (Vocals, Guitar)
Big Jay Bastard (Vocals, Bass)
Luke Rota (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Warning Warning
2. Roots Rock 'N' Roll
3. My Riot
4. Noho Soho
5. Ramones
6. Janie And Johnny
7. Everything I Do
8. Ones Were Warriors
9. Straight Jacket
10. Fuck You
11. RFFR
12. Pride
13. Emily
14. Another Generation
15. TV News
16. Runaway
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