Alternative Vision's Team Members Best Of 2012.

2012 has been a massive hardworking year for Alternative Vision, we have covered hundreds of gigs, reviewed hundreds of albums and EP's, covered many festivals such as Download, Bloodstock, NASS, Slam Dunk, Hit The Deck and many more and also conducted over 100 interviews with both high profile and up and coming bands such as Fozzy, Lacuna Coil, Gallows, Pure Love, The Defiled and many others, we already have plans in place to make 2013 just as fun and exciting for everyone but in the meantime check out the teams hightlights of 2012.


2012 has been a great year for me at Alternative Vision where I got to review and photograph many bands on the live circuit such as All Time Low, Panic At The Disco, Steel Panther, Trivium, Lacuna Coil, Black Veil Brides, D.R.U.G.S, Papa Roach and many others.

The highlights for me this year was getting the chance to interview Craig Owens from D.R.U.G.S, Andrea Ferro from Lacuna Coil and also Frank Carter and Jim Caroll from Pure Love, they were all amazing individuals who had a lot to say in their interviews and have a lot of time for their fans and truly love what they do.

I also had the opportunity to cover Download Festival and well what an experience that was with the worst weather I have ever seen at a festival and a tent which was battered by the weather just after one night leaving us homeless and having to sleep in the car in order to get through the festival, despite the bad weather and the tent disaster the line up was extremely strong and the Saturday boasted one of the best day line ups I have seen at a festival in a long time with the likes of Trivium, Steel Panther, Tenacious D, Black Veil Brides and Metallica rocking up the main stage.

As for new music releases 2012 has been a fantastic year with so many bands releasing albums, my top 5 of the year are listed below, yet the likes of Enter Shikari ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’, Billy Talent ‘Dead Silence’, Shinedown ‘Amaryllis’, Papa Roach ‘The Connection’ and Codejak ‘Times Of Conflict’ just missed out on getting in my top 5 and would easily be in the list if it was a top 10 list.

2013 is already shaping up to be a great year of music with most major festivals already announcing many bands on the bill, a lot of bands have also announced tours for the first quarter of the year and many bands are set to release albums in 2013 with the likes of Dropkick Murphys and Pure Love set to release the first couple of killer albums in 2013 if their recent singles are anything to go by.

I would also like to say that without the fantastic team we have at Alternative Vision, the various pr's and record labels we work alongside with and also the fans and viewers we have 2012 would nowhere near of been as good as it was, so thank you all so much and here is to an even better 2013.

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Gallows - Gallows1. Gallows - Gallows
When Frank Carter announced his departure from the Gallows many people thought that was the end of the band but they wasted no time in finding a new vocalist in the form of ex Alexisonfire axeman Wade MacNeil and having Macneil front the band has helped push the Gallows even further down the hardcore path, their sound is now more brutal than ever before and the bands recently released self titled album features 11 outstanding tracks which are sure to help you release any built up anger.

Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline 2. Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline
Dark Adrenaline is the sixth studio album by everyone’s favourite Italian metal band Lacuna Coil, the album was originally due for release at the end of 2011 but the record label decided to delay the release until January 2012 to give the band a fresh start to the new year and my god the album was worth the wait as it easily features the best material that Lacuna Coil have created 2006’s ‘Karmacode’, the way Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro battle off with their own unique set’s of vocals through songs such as ‘I Don’t Believe In Tomorrow’, ‘Kill The Light’ and ‘Trip The Darkness’ is just fantastic.

Deftones - Koi No Yokan3. Deftones – Koi No Yokan
Deftones have always been a bit of a marmite band with me, I have grown up listening to the likes of ‘Around The Fur’, ‘White Pony’, ‘Deftones’ etc but I have never fully enjoyed the albums but instead liked just a couple of songs throughout the years but with the release of ‘Koi No Yokan’ things have changed as Deftones have released one of the most atmospheric albums that I have heard in a long time where front man Chino Moreno let’s off his most diverse sounding vocals to date as he beautifully sings and angrily screams his way through the likes of ‘Swerve City’ and ‘Leathers’ whilst the rest of the band up their game with strong instrumental work.

Muse - 2nd Law4. Muse – 2nd Law
When it comes to releasing albums Muse always have a knack of outdoing their last release and with ‘2nd Law’ Muse took a big gamble and went down the dubstep route and it has paid off for them as ‘2nd Law’ is an masterpiece of an album, which comes across sounding like it could be the soundtrack to an sci-fi film whilst each and every track on the album sounds different from the last and still manages to please in their own special ways.

Yellowcard - Southern Air5. Yellowcard – Southern Air
TSince Yellowcard came off hiatus back in 2012 then have been working their butts off with the release of ‘When You’re Through Thinking say yes’ back in 2011 and then a few months later an acoustic offering of the same album, yet August 2012 saw Yellowcard release their eighth studio album ‘Southern Air’ which featured ten really positive sounding pop-punk songs which had a massive happy summer vibe running throughout, in true Yellowcard style the lyrics were well written with many people being able to relate to many of the songs, the album also features a few special guests including We Are The In Crowds Tay Jardine on the outstanding ‘Here I Am Alive.

 Robert Lawrence

So its been another great year on team AV, I have been to some awesome gigs this year and ticked yet more bands off the list that I've wanted to shoot. Highlights there has been many, starting off with Clutch one of the all time favourites of mine, and of many people too, it was also a special night due to starting my fantastic relationship with Jude Onions, and she's now a new team member too, bonus. Then came one of the biggest bands I've ever shot, the mighty Rammstein, couldn't believe my luck, Trigger really pulled one out of the bag on this one, and I took one of my best ever shots of Till. This has been a good year for my photography, being my best year so far and getting the best shots I've ever taken since I started working for AV.

Seen some top live performances by Amon Amarth, Young Guns, Enter Shikari, Angels & Airwaves, Lostprophets, The Used, The return of Million Empire, Halestorm, Serj Tankian, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Muse, Coheed & Cambria and Steve Vai. All these gigs bands been superb, and I've also taken most of my best shots at these gigs.

I got to shoot the Bloodstock Open Air festival, with Mr Webb, we didn't do many gigs this year together much to my disappointment, but I did get to hang out with Mr Daly at a few gigs, which was good. BOA, what a great time I had at this festival, busy as hell, and massive thanks to my girlfriend Jude, for getting me to and from the festival each day. It was cool to hang out with some tog friends at this festival, The main highlight was shooting Machine Head, what a great performance that was, I got some great shots too, was very nervous until they started, then it went away when once I got behind the lens, great fun and over all too quickly. Shooting Alice Cooper was a lot of fun, cant get a bad shot of that man. Shooting Watain and Dimmu Borgir was fantastic too, great bands to shoot live, you just cant go wrong,

cant wait for 2013 to start some good gigs are happening in the coming year and I hope to be at as many of them as I can, I hope to go to a few festivals also, and shoot them, perhaps 2013 is the year AV shoots Download Festival. I hope we return once again to BOA too, and maybe even Sonisphere as it makes its return after this years cancellations. Unless of course the world ends on the 21st of December which would suck. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 616

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day1. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
If there's one band that will forever remain on my bands to see before I die, its Led Zeppelin, and its unlikely we will ever see a band like them again, or see them live, so this live album is as close as I'm probably ever going to get, the band is on form, recorded in 2001 on December 10th at the the O2 in London, they sound great, Plants voice has lost some of its power, but its to be expected, but hearing Pages superb guitar skills, is enough to inspire anyone to pick up the guitar. Led Zep, still one of the greatest bands of all time.

Stone Sour - House Of Gold And Bones2. Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones
I'm starting to think which band is Coreys other band, Stone Sour or Slipknot? House of Gold & Bones can do no wrong, its a superb album, one in which you'll listen to it from start to finish, there's not a single track on this album in which you'd skip, its just that good, a band on top form.

Machine Head - Machine Fucking Head Live3. Machine Head - Machine Fucking Head Live
Speaking of bands on top form and that can do no wrong, this live album is evidence of how ferocious a live band can be and just brings back memories of Download festival and Bloodstock festival 2012, one of the best metal bands around, definitely a band that's gone from strength to strength over the past decade, long may this continue.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die4. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die
Stepping away from the metal, is this lady, with a hauntingly beautiful voice, if over produced somewhat, but that's a minor grumble, some superbly written songs and good lyrics on offer here, and somewhat of a Marmite artist also, it has something for everyone here.

Mars Volta - Noctourniquet5. Mars Volta - Noctourniquet
You either get this band or you don't, Noctourniquet is a lot better than their last album Octahedron, certainly a step in the right direction, I'm still hoping for another De-Loused in the Comatorium, but its a step in that direction, so I can't grumble, some complex musical structure but still that Mars Volta sound, and you just cant guess where the songs going to go at times, keeping you on your toes at all times, very enjoyable if you like modern prog rock. Damn shame that they have gone on a hiatus, hopefully a proper return of At The Drive In is on the cards.

 James Daly
This year has been a great year for live music, It started out for me, with Reel Big Fish at the start of the year which was awesome, and since then it got better and better with great punk gigs like Misfits, The Skints, The Gallows and Mad Caddies. I went to some gigs where the band played full, classic albums like The Presidents Of The USA, Hell Is For Heroes and Hundred Reasons. I saw amazing gigs from up and comers Don Broco, The Marmozets and Page 44, as well as established acts such as Kids In Glass Houses, Lostprophets and You Me At Six. I had the pleasure to go to 2 new festivals in Hit The Deck and Methyr Rocks, which where both amazing and showed the established festivals that there is allot of competition on the festival scene! I would say my favourite live gig on the year was The Wonder Years at Hit The Deck, it had sing alongs, crowd surfers and a small room full of fans screaming wrestling chants! So that was my year's highlights of live gigs, so here's my top 5 albums of 2012!

Top 5 Albums Of 2012

Lostprophets - Weapons1. Lostprophets - Weapons
this sees a return to form for the Welsh boys. This is a great rocky album, with catchy tracks a plenty, its one of those, listen to it once and the songs will stick in your head, like you've listened to it 1000 times!

Lit - The View From The Bottom2. Lit - The View From The Bottom
Lit haven't been around for a while, but this album sees them coming to terms with the death of their drummer, and shows them moving on in a new direction, its still punk, its still pop but its got more soul to it.

Lower Than Atlantis - Changing Tune3. Lower Than Atlantis - Changing Tune
LTA haven't had the best write ups on this site, but I personally love them. They're rock, with punk on the side. They have catchy songs, whilst at the same time having depth, and the vocals get my attention every time I listen.

Green Day - ĦUno!4. Green Day - ¡Uno!
This was definitely a grower for me, I expected old Green Day, but what I got was a newer more refined sound, it didn't sink in straight away and I instantly slated them for the sound, but after listening to it a few times, it clicked and I now love it, especially the songs Oh Love, Kill The DJ and Let Yourself Go!

The Holiday Plan - Lets Degenerate EP5. The Holiday Plan - Lets Degenerate EP
This band might not be known by most, but they where around about ten years ago, then they split up and now there back with this great EP of emo/rock in its finest, they take que from bands like Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, and smash it out the window with great vocals and thrashing guitars, go and check them out now!

I would have loved to put albums in by bands like Cancer Bats, Billy Talent and Papa Roach, but unfortunately I haven't listened to them yet, even though I know they'll be great and might top some of the bands in my top 5, but hey that's the way it goes, here's hoping for a cracking 2013 with more albums pencilled in from bands such as A Day To Remember, Paramore, Page 44 and Mindless Self Indulgence its sure not to disappoint!
 James Webb
2012, its been a year to remember thats for sure. My favourite moments have been seeing the almighty Black Sabbath perform at Download Festival, meeting my idol wrestler Chris Jericho when interviewing Fozzy in birmingham, attending Bloodstock Open Air for the first time and seeing Alice Cooper, not so much the weather at Download festival that one was definitely a horrible moment being drowned in sludge. A full year of chaos and memories made at AV and should the 21st not be the end of the world then already we have another cracking year ahead of us!

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
While She Sleeps - This is Six1. While She Sleeps – This is Six
This was a hard choice for first place but While She Sleeps, the next British icons in my opinion have released the best album this year it was absolutely fantastic full of some of the heaviest riffs and beats I’ve ever heard in my life, really gears me up to face the challenges of the day!

	Papa Roach - The Connection2. Papa Roach – The Connection
Very close second place for Papa Roach who really pushed the boundaries of their sound with “The Connection”, bringing in and incorporating elements perfectly nobody would have ever expected to find their place with Papa Roach.

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire 3. Bleeding Through – The Great Fire

After being disappointed with the past couple of Bleeding Through albums the Orange County metal heroes really pulled one out of the bag with this 2012 release, the sheer ominous melodies backing the forefront brutality makes for a perfect mix in this old school metalcore structure.

Shinedown - Amaryllis4. Shinedown - Amaryllis
Nailed it this year, it’s been a hard choice putting this list together but Shinedown definitely deserved their spot in my list as it’s made quite the impression and pulled me into an emotional attachment towards the tracks.

Ill Nino - Epidemia 5. Ill Nino – Epidemia
Ill Nino haven’t been on the best of luck in the uk as of late and their latest album Epidemia is absolutely fantastic, hopefully they’ll take control as they could push themselves to new heights with the fantastic group of songs they’ve put together on this album, really old school Ill Nino.
 Marc Rich
Early this year a friend introduced me to the Alternative Vision team, covering Brand New, I Am The Avalanche and The Xcerts. The show was incredible, and things only got better from there. This year I've reviewed Blink-182, taken photo's at NASS and Hevy festival, interviewed Sum 41, stood side stage for The Audition and drunk with the likes of Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis.
I also recently had the pleasure of covering The Road To Warped tour, a historic event as the iconic American festival finally came over to the UK. One of the best things about my time with Alternative Vision is the sheer number of incredible bands that it's introduced me to. Don Broco, Night Verses, The Computers, Never Means Maybe, Verses and The Xcerts are just a few from the list.

Whilst there have been a few downs, mostly panicking about missing an interview due to traffic or issues with the guest list due to a box office screw up, It's given me so many unforgettable experiences. I can't imagine what 2013 has to offer, but with bands like Alice in Chains, Stone Sour, Slipknot and Funeral For a Friend planning to release new albums there's going to be a lot to cover.

I'm also looking forward to full album releases from Natives after the fantastic "This Island" EP, Night Verses and Pure Love. Given the quality of material released by those three bands their debut albums could quite easily find their way on to the list of best five albums of 2013.

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Billy Talent - Dead Silence 1. Billy Talent - Dead Silence
Billy Talent sadly broke away from their number system and named an album, as well as stepping up the album art. I went through my usual Billy Talent CD ritual with "Dead Silence", initially reserved thinking "it's alright but the last one was better" and by the 2nd play through total addiction. Everyone wants a band's new album to be a copy of their favourite tracks, much like Nickleback's "Someday" is of "How You Remind Me". Luckily though most bands tend to change and give us a few new favourites when they bring out the next album. Billy Talent seem to do both. They have such a unique and definite style with its dominating bass riffs, clever and unusual guitar combined with Benjamin's voice, that makes it so familiar in spite of the massive change this album marks. "Dead Silence" is a lot more of a Rock album that their previous work, with a bit more melody and a bit less anger but still utterly Billy Talent.

Yellowcard - Southern Air2. Yellowcard - Southern Air
Why doesn't every pop-punk band have a violinist? By the end of the first line of the opening track "Awakening" I want to be sat in on some grass in the sun drinking a beer with my friends. Yellowcard always make me nostalgic, with their relatable and emotional songs and "Southern Air" is no different. With an summer vibe, and some help from their fellow Hopeless Records artist Taylor Jardine of We Are The In Crowd as well as some other guests they've produced another great album.

Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones part 1 3. Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones part 1

Stone Sour are just a great rock band, not too heavy not too soft. And once again they've produced an album that mixes hard hitting tracks like the opening track "Gone Sovereign" with the softer "Taciturn" chocked the album with, classic rock riffs, emotional lyrics and some solo's for good measure. Hurry up part 2.

Dinosaur Jr - I Bet on Sky4. Dinosaur Jr - I Bet on Sky
I flipped between this and Soundgarden's "King Animal" about a million times as there both great albums. Two grunge bands that have been around for decades on and off, bringing out an album. A lucky year for me as grunge was my first and dreariest musical love. The polished "King Animal" lost out to "I Bet on Sky" by the smallest of margins. Taking a softer tone than "Farm" or "Beyond", "I Bet on Sky" took a little while to get into, but the distorted sound, solos and easy listening gave it that Dinosaur Jr charm much like with "Beyond". A scruff album by a scruffy band that you can't help but enjoy.

Don Broco - Priorities 5. Don Broco - Priorities
It's one hell of a debut album. When telling a friend I was putting this in the list he was shocked, and to be honest I don't know if it is one of the five best albums of the year but something about it makes you want to listen to it over and over again. I think it's the album I've played the most this year, and at some point almost ever track has been my favourite off the album. It could be the happy bouncy nature or the relate ability of "Priorites" the fun bass riffs or something else but when you get to the end you just hit play again.
 Kim Horsley

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Foxxes - Noiseless (EP)1. Foxxes – Noiseless
The third EP from the band based in Cardiff titled ‘Noiseless’. There was a lot of expectation as their fan base is forever growing. A heavier sound to these three tracks compared to their earlier work. What I like most is the variety. “Faces Blurred” starts off with an acoustic short interlude to then, bam! Straight into the fast paced, melodic guitar work which is their signature sound. But the best is saved for last “Noiseless” a powerful song in both lyrics and sound and earned the title of the EP.

All Time Low - Don't Panic 2. All Time Low – Don’t Panic
Finally! It seems All Time Low are going back to their old roots slowly and leaving their more pop sound behind. Don’t get me wrong, pop-punk is great, but I felt they boys became too pop orientated of late. No doubt down to their change of record company. I am very glad to hear the fast tempo; catchy tunes that we all expect from the band are back in action! “For Baltimore” and “Backseat Serenade” restore my faith back into the band. However, the final track from the album titled “So Long, And Thanks For All The Booze” to me as a slight Four Year Strong feel to it. Very fast paced, with slower verses and strong vocals – all we’re missing are the epic beards! All in all a great, easy listening album.

Muse - The 2nd Law 3. Muse – The 2nd Law
An album we have all been waiting for. To hear what the next Muse album throws at us. After releasing a clip which would then be the track “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” The people of the internet went crazy. Presuming Muse had gone “dub-step”. I did not want to agree with this to start off with – hoping that Muse hadn’t taken a mainstream approach. But after listening to the album in full, there’s no denying “dub-step” elements to their music – but hasn’t there always? Just more developed than “Plug In Baby”. What I love about Muse is how each track of the album is different. The ordering of the tracks take you on a journey and all fit perfectly together. Incorporating their well-known piano interludes and more classical instruments – Muse have the balance perfect. “Panic Station” is slightly surprising in that it’s up beat and almost has a ska feel to it. “Survival” was the track for the Olympics, and featured in the Olympic Closing Ceremony. This song is one of my favourites off of the album. Building up throughout the entire song, Bellamy’s powerful voice can carry off this song well. Ending the album on calm “The 2nd Law: Isolated System”. Each album just gets better and better – what will be next for one of the most popular alternative bands of today?

Gallows - Gallows 4. Gallows – Gallows
When I heard that Frank Carter was leaving Gallows, I was devastated. Gallows being one of my favourite bands, I assumed the band would part ways and continue with their own projects. But Wade MacNeil – former member of Alexisonfire – became the new frontman, causing havoc with the fans. There was a lot of expectation. For me, I felt the band wouldn’t work. Gallows were so well known for their British, no nonsense music, especially after Grey Britain. But MacNeil has brought a surprisingly new edge. ‘Last June’ was one of the first tracks to be released as a free download and this is one of my favourite tracks from the album. With MacNeil’s raw vocals and the classic Gallows instrumental riffs – Gallows were back for good. The self-titled album is eleven tracks of ferocious, hardcore goodness. Normally most bands would end up not getting that far once having replaced the frontman. But Gallows are going from strength to strength, taking a step forward and proved negative fans wrong – including me!

Billy Talent - Dead Silence5. Billy Talent – Dead Silence
What I admire about Billy Talent is how they manage to keep their sound the same, yet every album sounds unique and not like the previous – yet after hearing a few seconds of a Billy Talent song you know instantly that it’s theirs. I was surprised the album wasn’t named “IIII” but instead “Dead Silence” with some pretty awesome album artwork. This album seems a lot heavier and darker than the other three. After the opening track it kicks into the first single "Viking Death March", the song has the classic sound you come to expect from Billy Talent – the snare roll before a heavier version of the opening riff kicks in. “Hanging By A Thread” and “Cure for the Enemy” are key songs to look out for. The band have grown up with the fans, and are no longer riddled with as much angst and hatred for society. They’ve found a much more melodic way of expressing it and the lyrics more clever. Still, an album worth buying to add to you ‘Talent collection.

 Jude Onions

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Stone Sour - House of Gold and Bones.1. Stone Sour – House of Gold and Bones.
For me, Stone Sour never disappoint and this is most certainly true with HoGaB. Right from the first track, they have 100% of your attention.

Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour. 2. Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour.
Now and again I like to listen to something with a bit more bass, mainly at the gym. A Flash Flood Of Colour is my first choice every time this year, and 9 times out of 10 it's my go to album if I need a quick pick me up.

Kopek - White Collar Lies.3. Kopek – White Collar Lies.
I had never heard of Kopek until I found out I would be photographing them as support for Royal Republic last month. However, I have not been able to move away from this album since, it's grungy feel is slightly addictive and really easy to get in to.

Trucker Diablo - Devil Rhythm.4. Trucker Diablo – Devil Rhythm.
Another support act I photographed this year, absolutely love them now! Classic rock feel, that takes you back a few years and leaves you with a happy vibe.

Lucy Rose - Like I Used To.5. Lucy Rose – Like I Used To.
Lucy's voice is stunning, I mean really stunning. This album is perfect for chilling out to at any time.

 Ciro Guadagno
Although I’ve only been apart of Alternative vision for a short while I can honestly say I’ve loved every minuet. The opportunities I’ve been given like going on guest lists and reviewing amazing live bands Like The Bots have been a great experience and I can not wait to carry on doing the same in 2013, absolutely loving Alternative vision.

Top 5 Albums Of 2012
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix1. Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Jack Black and Kyle Gas have pulled out all the stops with this one. With the amazing new riffs and refreshing hilarious lyrics that tell the story of a new and improved D, telling tails of real life events that the media saw the band under go with songs like They F'd our Asses and The Balled of Hollywood Jack and The Rage Cage, two songs that although very heartfelt are also crammed full of the Ds essence that can be found in other epic tracks on the album like Death Star, Senorita and 39 to name but a few.

Flyleaf - New Horizons2. Flyleaf - New Horizons
New Horizons is the third chapter in the book of Flyleaf, a chapter that sees a more heavier, darker Flyleaf, a Flyleaf that fans have been crying out for since day the release of their debut album. With much crunchier bass grooves and heavy guitar riffs that compliment Lacey’s Violent, melodic vocals that draw fans in. The album really sores higher than any of their previous work showing a new and improved band, however the only downside to the album is that it says good-bye to singer Lacey Sturm, a sad sight to see but leading the band into NEW HORIZONS.

Shinedown - Amaryllis 3. Shinedown - Amaryllis
Shinedown’s Album Amaryllis was another corker for the year. Each song on the album was set out to destroy and boy does it, weather it’s through the crunchy guitars and powerful drumbeats of Bully or the slow chilling acoustic vibrations that accompany Lead singer Brent Smiths melodic to the bone vocals in Through The Ghost, a song that is stripped down to acoustic guitar but powered by an orchestra making for an absolutely breathe taking power ballad. Amaryllis is a blooming flower that in Shinedown’s case symbolises where the guys are as a band.

The Offspring - Days Go By4. The Offspring - Days Go By
This past summer The Offspring gave the people a little treat with Days Go By, an album that was very fitting to the summer/autumn period with tracks like I Wanna Secrete Family and Cruising California, two tracks that were made for blasting out when your just driving around with out a care in the world, not forgetting though the harder side to offspring, the side that bleeds Punk Rock also in full effect in the record with beasts like Turning Into you and all out monkey flipping-ley great track Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell.

The Milk - Tales From The Thames Delta5.The Milk - Tales From The Thames Delta
The Milk were out in full force this year, going from who are The Milk? To have you heard The Milk? In the space of just over a year making their Debut Album Tales From The Thames Delta a very much anticipated album and didn’t disappoint. Full of Cheeky chappy soulful tunes that fill the heart with a beat to dance to and a song to sing whilst doing the cleaning up, even if you don’t know the words just by singing La LaLaLa means you can be apart of this Feel good family party.